WEN 3922 Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

Want to create works with patterns or delicate designs? Better get a scroll saw. This power saw is a versatile cutter that is both easy to use and offers a lot of possibilities of fine artistry. With this, you can make a wide variety of cuts into many different materials from wood to metals. But don’t worry about costs. You can start working with a low-cost scroll saw. One such budget-friendly saw is the WEN 3922 Scroll Saw.

WEN 3922

WEN has established itself as the brand for affordable power tools. Founded in 1951 by Nick Anton, they have made many innovations in the industry, especially in their mission to provide budget-friendly efficient tools for beginner workers and DIYers. Some of their innovations include the chainsaw, the electric soldering gun, the electric jigsaw, the electric engraver, the knife and wet wheel sharpeners, and random orbital technology.

Aside from scroll saws, their affordable power tools include band saws, drill presses, tool chests, bench grinders, nailers, miter saws, hand tools, generators, and air compressors. This Illinois-based brand is now the origin of several bestselling, top rated products on Amazon and many other retail stores.

One of their consistent bestsellers is the WEN 3922 Scroll Saw.

About the WEN 3922 scroll saw

WEN has prided itself as a brand of affordable power tools. The WEN 3922 Scroll Saw is one of the bestselling tools because it offers accurate detailed cutting power at an affordable cost.

The WEN 3922 is a versatile power saw that cuts with variable speed from 550 to 1600 strokes per minute. This is a DIYer’s scroll saw, with enough power on its 1.2 amp motor for crafts and projects on intricate and artsy patterns.

Work more efficiently with the cast iron base that lessens vibration, large beveling table, adjustable dust collection system, and tool-free blade changing mechanism. When you get the WEN 3922 scroll saw, you also get one 15 TPI pinned blade, one 18 TPI pinned blade, and one 18 TPI pinless blade. And you get support from WEN through a WEN product, your scroll saw comes backed by a two-year warranty, a stocked inventory of replacement parts, and a friendly customer service team.

Features of the WEN 3922

Versatile Cutting Capacity

With the WEN 3922 scroll saw, you can make a wide variety of cuts in many different materials from wood to metals to plastics. You can cut circles, odd shapes or even acute angles seamlessly. No need for continuous cuts or final manual shaping.

You can cut materials up to 2 inches thick with a 16-inch throat depth. And you can also adapt your cutting speed, anywhere from 550 to 1600 strokes per minute with the variable speed knob. This is perfect for many DIY applications.

Beveling Table

The WEN 3922 scroll saw is made with a cast iron base for a vibration-free operation. Its large 16.25-by-10-inch table also tilts up to 45 degrees for wide variety of cutting angles. If you need to change anything on the saw, the controls which allow on/off operation, changing cutting angles, tightening the blade, and changing cutting speed are well placed for the most ease of use.

Tool-free blade changes

Changing blades to suit every task and material is made easy and convenient by the tool-free blade changing mechanism. The WEN 3922 has a handy blade holder for pinned, pinless, and spiral blades. And a fold-down side panel is easy to open to access the bottom blade holder.

Dust Collection System

Working with this scroll saw is made cleaner and more accurate by the dust collection system. It includes a adjustable air pump that clears saw dust from your work area and a 1-1/2-inch dust port. This keeps your work area clear and clean while you are cutting. Most importantly, you are safe from inhaling saw dust and getting hit by dust and debris.

It also boasts the following specs:

Part Number3922
Item Weight26 pounds
Package Dimensions25.5 x 15.3 x 13 inches
Item model number3922
StyleWith Folding Side Panel
PatternScroll Saw
Item Package Quantity1
Included ComponentsThumb screw blade adapter for tool-free blade changes, a cast iron base, an air pump, a dust port, a foot lock clamp, and three 5-inch blades


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Variable speed
  • Tool-free blade changes with thumb screw blade
  • Tilting large aluminum table
  • Dust collection system
  • Accepts pinned, unpinned and spiral blades
  • Lockable power switch
  • Backed by two year product and service warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Issues with tension blade mechanism


Scroll saws are staple tools for many trades including woodworking and metalworking. This versatile cutter is very easy to use and designed with several safety features for utmost worker efficiency.

And you can start even if you don’t have a lot to invest. Even if you’re still a beginner or DIYer, there are many affordable scroll saws that work well in creating crafts and creative projects.

If you’re a budget-savvy worker in need of a good scroll saw, consider getting the WEN 3922 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw.

This WEN scroll saw is a precision cutter that works seamlessly with many different materials, including wood up to two inches thick. It offers a lot of advantageous features such as variable speed, large beveling table, lockable power switch and efficient dust collection system. But it has a major downside – its tension blade mechanism. All three base hold down screw holes are partially blocked by a part of the saw, making a straight shot with a driver impossible. It requires minor tweaks and adjustment to be done by the worker before they can work with the scroll saw. Still you can rely on WEN’s solid two-year warranty and supportive customer service team.

All in all, the WEN 3922 is a fine scroll saw to get if you’re a beginner in scroll saw work and a hobbyist.

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