Wen 3921 Scroll Saw Review

WEN 3921

WEN has been in the power tools game since 1957, and has made available some of the most dependable list of tools in the market right now. The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw is a newer version of the well-received WEN 3920 scroll saw that featured an older, keyed blade change mechanism – something that has been made obsolete by the 3921 model. 


Specs Overview  

Solidly built, the Wen 3921 scroll saw among the best designed scroll saw units in the marketplace right now. The Wen 3921 is an exclusive two direction scroll saw that features a variable speed mechanism that enables adjustment from 550 SP to 1600 SPM. It capable of cutting roughly up to 2’’ of hardwood material. There will be moments when you want a cut done on either the faster or slower SPM rate – which is exactly why the variable speed feature of the Wen 3921 is important. The variable speed knob conveniently sits on the front of the 3921 alongside the power switch–making it a breeze easy to control speeds mid-cut.  

 WEN 3921

The Wen 3921 sports a cast iron base and features a 16” throat size; dimensions: 26.38” x 13” x 14.75”– perfect dimension for your most projects. The iron base is specifically designed to minimize vibration, which consequently makes your cut more accurate–which is what you definitely want for your scroll saw? The table also bevels left up to 45°, allowing you to make those angled cuts–increase your ability to make cuts of complicated designs and shapes. Despite its solid built, the Wen 3921 comes in at 26 lbs., which is a comfortable middle in terms of scroll saw weight.  


As previously mentioned, the Wen 3921 features a tool-less blade change mechanism which is basically a thumb screw that sits on top of the saw’s arm. This tool-less blade change mechanism is essentially what separates the Wen 3921 from it predecessor, the older Wen 3920 which requires a tool for blade changes change blades. Instead of a hex key or any additional tool, the thumb screw is all that you need to replace your blades in the Wen 3921. Additionally, this updated blade change mechanism accommodates both pinned and pin-less blades–giving you countless options when it comes to what blades you can use.  

 WEN 3921

The Wen 3921 comes with a number of nifty features which include that highlight the 3921 ability to optimize work visibility–the air pump and flexible light. This WEN scroll saw features an adjustable air pump that allows you to rid your workspace of excessive dust. The air pump is connected to the dust port. Any there are many other scroll saw model that don’t come with a dust port–this feature definitely highlights the 3921’s value for the money. The Wen 3921 also comes with a flexible light that gives the user better low light visibility.  

Lastly, the Wen 3921 features onboard storage that provides an ocean of additional value. When you are moving worksites, chances are you will find this feature to be priceless. And even if don’t plan on moving the scroll saw anytime soon, the onboard storage will still allow you to store any additional blades you might have lying around your workspace–this means you also won’t have to worry about losing your blades and other accessories anytime soon. When you are in the middle of a project, it’s quite easy to forget other things than the job at hand–so the onboard storage feature of the 3921 is a very practical inclusion.  



The Wen 3921 sits at the cheaper end of scroll saw market. However, even if the 3921 is well within budget territory– it makes no compromises in terms of its quality, output, additional features, long-term reliability, and overall performance. It’s amazing how such a high-quality product sits at this price range. The Wen 3921 might be budget but it is by no means a lower-tier product–it is simply a very affordable option than can go toe-to-toe with other more expensive scroll saw models.. 

At the end of the day, the Wen 3921 features 9/16-inch stroke saws through hardwoods up to two inches thick, make variable speed adjustment form 550 to 1600 strokes per minute with the simple turn of a knob, sports a  cast iron base effectively minimizes excessive vibrations during operation, comes with an adjustable air pump blows away excessive sawdust from your work space, includes an adjustable that maximizes low light visibility, and a tool-less blade change mechanism that accepts both pinned and pin-less blades that gives you near-limitless options, and is designed with nifty onboard storage feature that keeps your accessories well- organized. Yes, these are the features that can generally with various scroll saw of different makes and models. But you have them with the Wen 3921 for a fraction of the price–giving you the best value that your money can buy. 



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