WEN 3920 Scroll Saw

WEN 3920

WEN 3920

As a budding woodworker, a scroll saw is a crucial item in your workshop tool collection. Because of its low-price point and intuitive operation, the WEN 3920 scroll saw could easily be the best available scroll saw option for beginners. Often, one’s journey into woodworking progresses from easy DIY projects into simple home improvements tasks until you come across something that you genuinely enjoy doing. The WEN 3920 is perfect to take with you on this journey. If, in the future, you realize that you need a more scroll saw with more robust functionality, then you can explore higher end options down the line. So is the WEN 3920 worth the money? In this review, we will help you decide if it’s the scroll saw to address all your workshop needs. 


Spec Overview 

For users who are thinking of getting into pattern work, the WEN 3920 is very capable scroll saw for this particular application. This 16-Inch two-direction scroll saw lets you execute your creative ideas with ease. It offers simple controls with effective functions to cut precisely even on small objects. 

The WEN 3920 accommodates both pinned and pinless blades, allowing you to choose your preferred blade type. On top of that, the scroll saw can be adjusted in a standard or in a 90-degree position, giving the user much more flexibility when cutting scrolling patterns.  

With these two blade cutting positions, the WEN 3920 can cut front and back using the standard position; it can also cut across the width of the table, instead of front to back, using the pinned position. However, that pin less blade changes aren’t particularly easy on this scroll saw as it is on some other models—the threading attachment is difficult to access and it does require the use of an Allen wrench. 

The WEN 3920 is manufactured from high-grade cast-iron which makes the machine as solid as a tank. The WEN 3920 has a stroke rate between 400 and 1600 strokes per minute. In terms of its raw SPM capacity, the WEN 3920 competes with higher end models in the market.  

The WEN 3920 can easily cut through wood that is up to two inches thick as it is designed with a 16-Inch throat depth. All necessary accessories and tools are included in the scroll saw package. Out of the box, the WEN 3920 includes 3 blades which covers a wide range of applications. Making speed adjustments are easy–you just need to rotate the knob to make the necessary adjustments. 

The WEN 3920 features a properly sized table that provides enough space for various designs. The 16” x 10” table is a great size–perfect for small pieces, but can support much bigger projects. The WEN 3920 also features a hold down clamp that allows for projects to be locked-in place–preventing any unwanted sliding or moving while the blade is running. This lockdown mechanism makes sure that your cuts are accurate every time. The table is also designed specifically to achieve minimal vibration. This scroll saw comes with a separate 1.5 Inch dust port that does a great job in keeping the machine dust-free. The table tilts with 16-Inch depth that allowing the user to adjust the height of the object.  

Other features of the WEN 3920 includes a flexible LED light that tremendously improves low light visibility and operation. There is also an onboard blade storage compartment where users can keep their blades and other tools. 

Make sure that you leaf through the user manual to proper instructions before getting started with the machine. WEN is also offering a 2 years limited warranty on the 3920 scroll saw and it parts.   



Overall, the Wen 3920 is an impressive product for the money.  While it’s not exactly the most powerful or most sophisticated scroll saw in the market, the WEN 3920 is at its best where it truly counts. When it comes to being novice woodworker, a beginner handyman, or even semi-professional on a tight budget, the WEN 3920 offers fantastic value. From its versatile blade placement, to its variable speed capability, to its on-board led light mechanism, the WEN 3920 provides proper fundamental scroll saw functionality that more expensive models offer at almost half the price. The dual direction cutting capability of the WEN 3920 saves a great deal of time and help speed up a host of home improvement projects. 

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