Ryobi 16-inch Scroll Saw Review

Scroll saws are valuable assets to any workshop. These versatile cutting tools can offer you many different cutting styles on a wide range of materials from wood to metals to plastics. They are very beginner-friendly so you can start using them even as a novice worker. If you’re looking for a fine midrange scroll saw to use, consider getting the Ryobi 16-inch Scroll Saw.


Founded in 1943, RYOBI is the more commonly known name of Ryobi Seisakusho Co., Ltd. They are a conglomerate with many industries under their helm, with the Ryobi Tools brand which started in 1968. RYOBI has grown into one of the world’s biggest and most innovative makers of power tools and machinery. Their high-performing tools are enjoyed by millions of homeowners, woodworkers, hobbyists, craftspeople, and value-conscious contractors.

Ryobi’s tools are also backed by the brand’s 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and 3-Year Limited Warranty. Among Ryobi’s bestselling tools is the RYOBI 16-inch Scroll Saw, consistently in the Top 20 in the Amazon’s Bestsellers List for scroll saws. This corded power saw offers enough power and cutting capacity for light woodworking tasks.

About the RYOBI 16-inch Scroll Saw

RYOBI has always been a maker of fine workman’s tools, equipment for many trades. And the RYOBI 16-inch Scroll Saw is no exception to this Japanese brand’s time-honored standards of quality.

The RYOBI 16-inch scroll saw is a nice, little saw with versatile cutting capacity. Powered by 1.2 amp motor, it runs at a no load speed of 550 to 1650 strokes per minute. It can handle many materials, including plywood and MDF. You can work flexibly with the scroll saw’s cast aluminum table that bevels up to 45 degrees and the built-in dust reduction system that offers optimum work visibility and precision of cutting line.

Other nifty features you can enjoy with this scroll saw include tool-free blade changes for 5-inch pinned or pinless blades, 3/4 inch stroke lenght, blade tension knob, drop foot, drop foot lock knob, switch and switch key, and bevel lock.

The RYOBI 16-inch scroll saw is a good, midrange cutting tool that can be included in the process of making intricately cut woodwork or crafts. Easy to use from the get-go, this is a great tool for entry-level to general scroll saw work.

Features of the Ryobi Scroll Saw

Versatile Cutting Capacity

The RYOBI scroll saw offers versatile cutting capacity with its 16″ throat depth and variable speed. It runs at 550–1,650 SPM, powered by a 1.2 amp induction motor that is designed for long work life and consistent performance. You can change speeds instantaneously, to use the scroll saw on different cutting tasks and materials smoothly.

Tilting Aluminum Table

Efficiency is even maximized by the cast aluminum table that bevels from 0–45 degree. With this tilting table, you can execute a wide variety of beveled or angled cuts effortlessly. You can also work more accurately with less vibration from the cast iron base.

Tool-free blade changes

Work more quickly with RYOBI’s tool-free blade clamps that help you change saw blades within seconds. Simply pull out or insert 5-inch pinned or pinless blades into the clamps, when necessary. It also has an easy to access blade tension knob so you can adjust your blades more accurately for every operation.

Integrated dust reduction system

The RYOBI 16-inch Scroll Saw is designed to help work more accurately, smoothly and safely every time through its integrated dust reduction system. This includes a dust blower keeps the cutline clear from dust and debris. And a dust port or sawdust exhaust at the bottom which can be hooked up to a wet or dry vacuum hose – sized 1.25 inch – to keep your work area tidy and clean during, and after work.

It also boasts the following specs:

  • Max depth of cut: 2”
  • Speeds: 550-1,650 SPM
  • Motor: 1.2A, 60Hz, 120v
    • SC165VS Scroll Saw
    • (3) 15 TPI Pin End Blades
    • Blower Tube
    • Hex Wrench
    • Operator’s Manual


  • Easy blade changes, tool-free
  • Versatile cutter with variable speeds
  • Easy and accurate to cut
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Integrated dust reduction system
  • Ready to use, no assembly required


  • Replacement parts not readily available (screws for the blade clamps , plates for the work surface)
  • Issues with table’s stability
  • Tendency to jump around when not bolted to the work surface
  • Breakage of blade retention
  • Weak tension knob and lower blade clamp


If you want a versatile cutting tool, one of the best ones you can get for your workshop is a scroll saw. This power saw is used in many fields of work from woodworking to crafting. This can help you make attractive work pieces effortlessly with intricate details, cuts, curves and patterns. And even if you’re a beginner in scroll sawing, you can use this because it is very easy to use and laden with many safety features. One fine starter scroll saw is the RYOBI 16-inch Scroll Saw.

The RYOBI 16-inch scroll saw is a versatile cutter for light to general purpose scroll saw work, home and DIY projects. You can take advantage of its variable speed, tool-free blade changing mechanism, and integrated dust reduction system. Its few downsides include issues with blade retention, table’s stability, and weak lower blade clamp. But you can easily contact and get help from RYOBI’s prompt customer service team and strong 3-year warranty.

All things said, RYOBI’s 16-inch Scroll Saw will be a great addition to any beginner’s, DIYer’s or entry-level tradesman’s workshop.

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