Rockwell BladeRunner RK7323 review

A scroll saw is one of the most versatile cutting tools for workers in the crafting, home improvement and furniture industry. You can use to make decorative pieces out of many different materials from wood to metals. All you need to make magic in your workshop is a good scroll saw. One such impressive scroll saw is the Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323 X2 Portable Tabletop Saw.

Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323

Rockwell Tools is a renowned American power tool brand that has provided high-performing, reliable tools for over 60 years now. Aside from scroll saws, they also produce oscillating multi-tools, brushless drills, portable support systems, and circular saws. They have always offered topnotch products at an affordable cost – and the Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw certainly won’t disappoint!

With the Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323 Portable Tabletop Saw, you can cut a wide range of materials from wood to ceramics. This lightweight and compact tool is also very easy to use. You can change blades fast, without any extra tools. You can also work hands-free, through the t-shank jigsaw blades.

How can you use Rockwell BladeRunner RK7323?

The Rockwell RK7323 BladeRunner X2 is a topnotch cutting machine from the renowned Rockwell brand. This is designed for ultimate portability and precise user control.

using the Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323

You can quickly cut a wide range of materials with the RK7323 Tabletop Saw – wood, ceramic tile, plastic, metal, steel and aluminum. You can do miter cuts, rip cuts, scroll cuts and inside cuts. Cutting is made easy with the Bladerunner’s standard t-shank jigsaw blades with instant, tool-free blade changes.

You can use this to work on various fields from home improvement to furniture and art making.

Other features that take the RK7323 to a new level better than its predecessor are its hold-down guard and splitter that cuts wider material, a larger rip fence and built-in carry handle.

Rockwell BladeRunner RK7323 Key Features

Rockwell Tools is a brand of topnotch products that work on par with higher-end names such as DeWalt and Bosch. The Bladerunner is the latest of the high-performing innovations.

Launched in 2014, this corded multi-functional saw is the consistent Top 2 in the Amazon Bestsellers List for Scroll Saws. Many tool enthusiasts and reviewers have also included it in the yearly lists of recommended top-ranking saws since it was released more than a decade ago.

Apart from being having cutting capacity and control than the original Bladerunner,  the Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323 X2 Tabletop Saw has the following features:

Lightweight and Portable Design

compact and lightweight Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323

The first thing to like about the Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323 is how easy is to carry and work with. Weighing just 17.6 pounds, it’s very comfortable and well-balanced. This lightweight and compact form also makes it amazingly easy to handle from one workspace to another.

After keeping the rip fence and blades in the onboard storage compartment, you can just go with the Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323 anywhere using its built-in tabletop handle.

I find it also very easy to set up because the blades can be stored easily and ready to use when needed. No need to worry about misplacing any of your blades here.

Multi-Cutting Capacity

Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323 as a multi-cutter

The Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323 offers a lot of bang for your buck. Why? It is four saws in one seamless design. Perform rip, scroll, miter, and inside cuts easily with quick tool-less blade changes.

Before, you would need many different saws for home improvement, crafting or plumbing tasks. Worry no more. The RK7323 is one powerful, portable tool that can do all necessary cuts on many materials such as wood, metal, tile, aluminum, mild steel and plastic effortlessly.

Its multi-cutting functionality is bolstered by its large rip fence and hold-down guard and splitter that offers more control and accurate cuts. It is also strong enough to handle a wide variety of materials through its 5.5 AMP motor running at 3,000 RPM. Such speed is remarkable for a scroll saw when average scroll saw speeds do not go near that number.

You can cut even OVC, hard wood, metals and fiberglass with the Rockwell Bladerunner X2. This powerhouse cutter also has variable speed, between 800 and 2,800 strokes per minute (no load) with a 7/8″ stroke length. It is easy to match the power of the saw to the task I work on using its variable speed trigger.

The Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323 is also capable in cutting such material dimensions:

Wood: 1-1/2″

PVC: 1-1/4″

Aluminum: 3/8″

Ceramic: 3/8″

Steel: 1/8″

Miter Gauge / Rip Fence

What enhances the cutting capacities of the Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323 is its miter gauge that can also works as a rip fence. You can put this in the slots found in the deck. This adjustable fence can go between +/- 0 to 60°, left and right. To lock it in place, it features a large knob.

While made of plastic, the rip fence is good enough for setting the saw up for miter cuts and rip cuts.

Easy Tool Blade Changes

Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323 tool-free blade changes

You can work more time-efficient with the Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323 because of its tool-free blade change feature. Many power tool brands like Rockwell are doing away with hex or Allen keys in favor of tool-free designs.

Rockwell boasts of the 3-second tool change and I was impressed at how effortless it is to change blades, as necessary. All you need to do is push the recessed button, slide it to the right then swap out the blade for the right one for the task at hand. Take note of its little red cap that offers extra protection against hot blades.

Rockwell utilizes t-shank blades, a common blade set in toolkits of workers worldwide. When you get the Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323, you also get five assorted t-shank blades – general purpose blade for wood, scroll cutting blade for wood, a tile blade for ceramic tile, a metal cutting blade and an aluminum cutting blade. Very easy to replace and effortless to change, for different tasks.

Wall Mount

Need to work elsewhere than on a table? No problem. Rockwell equipped the Bladerunner RK7323 X2 with a wall mount, screws and drywall anchors. It’s very simple to use: just slide the BladeRunner onto the brackets, and lock it with two safety latches. I like how the wall mount makes the Bladerunner more flexible to maneuver beyond your work table.

Safety Switch

To avoid electrical accidents, the Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323 also a power switch with a safety insert. This helps prevent the saw from being turned on unnecessarily.

Easy Cleanup with Inclusive Dust Port

The adjustable arm doubles as a vacuum dust port. Just connect it to any shop-vac with an 1-1/2″ connection.

It is very easy to get things messy while working with the RK7323 Tabletop Saw. Dust can reduce the working lifespan of the saw when it clogs the outer and inner components. Worse, dust inhaled in the workplace is very dangerous to one’s health.

With the dust port fitted to a vaccuum, you can safely remove the dust from the scroll saw. This makes for a quick cleanup after using the tool.

Built Strong and Durable

The BladeRunner is solidly built, with rugged components for optimum performance in all work environments. Its four rubber feet make the tool stable at work and reduce vibrations. The table on which the saw rests is made of brushed stainless steel. Its also mostly of metal make.


Product Dimensions: 16.1 x 17.5 x 8.3 inches

Power Source: Corded – Electric

Voltage: 1120V ~ 60Hz

Table Size: 17″ x 15 3/4″

Warranty: 3 year Limited Consumer Warranty

Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323 Review

Different reviewers concur that the Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323 is the best budget-friendly scroll saw in the market today. This is highly ranked and well-regarded by experts and workers alike because its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Ergonomically designed with a tabletop handle
  • Comes with different cutting blades for many materials
  • Works very flexible in cutting from miter cuts to inside cuts
  • Easy to change blades quickly with extra tools
  • Variable speeds
  • Works smoothly without noise
  • Cleanup is a breeze with vacuum port
  • Very affordable
  • Strong 3-year product and service warranty


  • Not for heavy-duty tasks
  • Needs to be bolted to be steady whilst using it
  • Blade tends to overheat
  • Manual is composed of only pictures and diagrams


If you need an affordable scroll saw that can do more versatile tasks, consider getting the Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323 X2 Tabletop Saw. I like working with this lightweight and compact tool to cut wood, ceramic tiles and other materials.

What makes it even better for DIYers, crafters and homeowners is its flexibility in cuts – from miter cuts to inside cuts. This multi-purpose saw is money well spent – one of the best budget scroll saws you can get online or from tool stores.

As shown in this Rockwell Bladerunner RK7323 review, this tabletop saw from Rockwell offers you all the features you need from a cutting machine. It has many advantages and few disadvantages which you can mitigate by using Rockwell’s solid customer service and strong three-year warranty.

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