Porter-Cable PCB375SS Scroll Saw Review

Are you a DIYer, craftsman, woodworker or tradesman? If so, a scroll saw will be a solid investment. This is a versatile cutting tool that you can use to create art and decors. With a scroll saw, you can make decorative pieces out of many different materials from wood to metals. One impressive scroll saw we recommend you get is the Porter-Cable PCB375SS Scroll Saw.

Founded in 1906, Porter-Cable has grown from a jobbing machine and tool shop to a full-pledged powerhourse in the power tool industry. Generations of workers worldwide have trusted their products because they are designed with the best quality, performance, and reliability.

The Porter-Cable PCB375SS is a great scroll saw to get because it is made at a premium. While midrange in price, this is very reliable and high-performing so it will make a solid investment in any toolkit.

Getting this topnotch power tool will help you upgrade to more complex, detailed work. You can work with more finesse and accuracy for your projects. 

About the Porter Cable PCB375SS Scroll Saw

When it comes to power tools, Porter-Cable produces some of the best and most innovative in the market. The PCB375SS is no slouch in the scroll saws market.

The Porter-Cable PCB375SS is a powerful scroll saw that can provide the power and precision cuts you need for detailed projects. You can work more efficiently with this scroll saw’s excellent set of features.

This corded saw can cut with variable speed between 500-1,500 SPM, simplified by the saw’s huge on/off switch. You can also work well with its broad 12-5/8″ x 20″ aluminum dual tilting table. This facilitates 45 degrees left and 15 degrees right bevel cuts for a range of accurate cut angles visible on a scale conveniently and securely situated in the tabletop.

You can easily change blades and speeds and adjust the blade tension and work light easily during a task with the upfront tool-less blade holder and a cam action blade tension adjustment. To work more efficiently, you can also take advantage of the adjustable LED work light for visibility even in dark workspaces.

Cleanup after work is also very easy with the side-mounted vacuum dust port below the table that puffs away the debris. Other helpful features include a quick-release flip lever, die cast aluminum frame, a large cast iron base that reduces vibration in cutting heights ranging from 2-1/4″ (45 degrees right) and 1-1/4″ (45 degrees left) to 2-1/4″ (maximum cutting height), blade storage, and study steel stand.

With this scroll saw from Porter-Cable, you can go far in creating scroll saw art works and other crafting projects.

Features of the Porter-Cable PCB375SS

Cut Different Materials with Variable Speeds

The Porter-Cable PCB375SS is strong and versatile enough to cut a wide variety of materials such as plastic, aluminum, soft and hard woods. You can change speeds to suit the material you want to cut – between 500 and 1500 SFM – with the upfront control knob.

Quick Tool-Free Blade Changes

Work more quickly and seamlessly from one project to the next with the tool-less blade holder. With this, you can easily change blades as necessary, both 5″ pin or plain end blades.

Cam locking blade tension lever, a quick-release flip lever, enables faster blade changes.

Innovative Table

The scroll saw comes with a large, stable die-cast aluminum table tilts for bevel cutting angles from 45° right and 15° left. It also features a patented table top scale allows for accurate bevel angle readings. You don’t even need to look under the table for it!

Easily Accessible Control Knob

Controls for on/off, speed adjustment, LED work light and dust blower are conveniently located in front and top of the saw.    

Easy Cleanup

You can clean easily and efficiently after every task using the PCB375SS’ own cleaning features. Its adjustable built-in dust blower clears the cutting path of the scroll saw blade.

Then look under the table and find the Dust/Chip Extraction Port. Connect this 1-1/4 inches diameter port to any vacuum hose to clear your work area of dust and other work debris.

Optimized for All Working Conditions

You can work more clearly in all workspace conditions with the built-in adjustable LED light. Projects can also be done without fear of materials toppling over, through the sturdy steel stand. This enables a proper, stable operation height.

It also boasts the following specs:

  • Item Weight  – 45.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 34 x 24 x 45 inches
  • 1.6 Amp ball bearing induction motor
  • Work table: 20″ x 12-5/8″
  • Table tilt: 45° right – 15° left
  • Max depth of cut: 2-1/4″ @ 90° and 1-1/4″ @ 45°
  • Depth of throat: 18″
  • Stroke length: 3/4″
  • 5″ Pinned and blank end saw blades
  • Three year limited warranty, one year free service, and 90 day money-back guarantee
  • Package includes Scroll Saw, (1) Stand, (1) 5 inch Pinned Saw Blade, (1) Hex Key, Instruction Manual.


  • Powerful 1.6-amp motor
  • large aluminum 20″ x 12 ⅝” dual tilting table that gives you bevel cutting for up to 45 degrees.
  • tool-less blade holder
  • built-in adjustable LED work lamp
  • Midrange in price
  • slack control for easy blade removal
  • Easy cleanup with the dust blower
  • Works with little vibration


  • Low wattage of work light
  • Blade motor stutters at low speeds
  • blade slippage, resulting in quite a few broken blades.
  • Max speed of 1,500 SPM
  • Inaccurate bevel
  • Problematic Tabletop


The Porter-Cable PCB375SS is a great scroll saw for workers who need a sturdy and well-made partner for detailed work. This is great for crafting projects such as cutouts for boxes, Xmas ornaments, marquetry, and intarsia.

If you’re a hobbyist or a DIYer looking for a good tool for your craft, we highly reccomend this 18-inch scroll saw by Porter-Cable.

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