King Industrial 16-inch Scroll Saw Review

Sometimes, it pays to invest for work. The right tool can help you make your task more efficient and effortless. One such tool that is a staple in workshops which you should invest in is a scroll saw. This is a powerful tool for precise, detailed cuts. It is very versatile, with the capacity of different angled cuts on a wide range of materials from wood to metals to ceramics. One excellent scroll saw we recommend you invest in is the King Industrial 16-inch Scroll Saw.

King Industrial is also known as King Canada Inc, a privately held Canadian company of topnotch tools and equipment. They have been in the business of selling machinery since 1983. They have prided themselves in not only innovating products, but also stellar after-sale support. King offers full stock of replacement parts, specialized staff stand ready to answer questions, over 400 Service Centers and a toll-free and online service to cater to customers worldwide.

The King Industrial 16-inch scroll saw is one of their bestselling tools. With the time-tested design of the Excalibur scroll saw, this power saw is designed to take on heavy-duty tasks effortlessly. It can cut through many different materials including hardwoods to metals. It cuts well on everything from thick, compound cuts to delicate fretwork.

About the King Industrial 16-inch Scroll Saw

King Industrial tools have been part of the industry standard for many years. This 16-inch scroll saw is made for heavy-duty use and effortless versatile cuts. It cuts with a 120V 1.3 amp permanent magnet motor that offers consistently high torque for long operations.

What makes it very versatile and accurate in cutting is the large tilting table in which the entire head of this saw tilts 30° to the left and 45° to the right. With this, you can do all types of cuts on materials of varying thicknesses, exerting utmost control on the cutting process. The 5-inch pinless scroll saw blade are kept straight with minimal deflection by the sturdy upper and lower parallel arms of the scroll saw.

It also features a tool-less blade changing mechanism with finger-operated blade clamps. The scroll saw is also designed with variable speed, tension controls, and an onboard dust blower.

This 16-inch scroll saw is backed by King Industrial’s solid Two-year Warranty and stellar customer service team.


Strong motor

The scroll saw is powered by a 120 volt 1.3 amp permanent magnet motor, which offers constant torque.

Variable speed

You can make a wide variety of cuts with the variable speed of this scroll saw, that runs from 400 to 1,400 SPM.

Tool free blade changes

The King Industrial 16-inch Scroll Saw works seamlessly with a tool-free blade changing system with blade holders for standard 5″ pinless blades. This helps you cut more smoothly and switch blades more quickly.

Large table

This scroll saw comes with a large stationary table with built-in 2-1/2″ pierced dust chute for dust collector hook-up. This is also a unique design because unlike other scroll saws, you only tilt the head with the blade. This enables you to fully the cutting process on a flat surface for a safer and more accurate cut.

The King Industrial 16-inch scroll saw also comes with small feet that help level the saw on a benchtop. This allows you to work more efficiently and accurately.

It also boasts the following specs:

  • Max Throat Capacity: 16”
  • Max Thickness: 2”
  • Variable Speed: 400-1,400 SPM
  • Pinless Blade Length: 5”
  • Motor: 1.3 Amp.
  • Voltage: 120V, 1 phase, 60Hz
  • Assembled Dimensions (L XWXH)/Weight: 27” x 15” x 17” / 55 lbs
  • Backed by 2 Year warranty
  • Comes with five 5″ pinless blades, replacement blade tension lever kit and adjustment hex. Key


  • Compact and sturdy
  • Powerful but quiet motor
  • Versatile cutter
  • Easy to use
  • Large tilting table
  • Intuitive, seamless operation
  • Easy cleaning with builtin dust blower.


  • No work light
  • Expensive
  • No manual


Scroll saws are one of the best tools to invest for work. Used in many trades such as woodworking and metalworking, this versatile power saw can help you create many a work of art or craft. This is also very easy to use and comes with many safety features.

One fine scroll saw to invest in is the King Industrial 16-inch scroll saw. This sturdy built, powerful scroll saw is great for many tasks, even heavy-duty and long operations. With its powerful 1.3 amp motor, it delivers consistently high torque and variable speed to tackle everything from thin frames to thick boards.

The King Industrial scroll saw is a fine cutting tool for both the DIYer and professional tradesman. It has very few downsides such as its lack of work light and manual. But you can rely on King Canada’s solid two-year warranty and stellar after-sale support.

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