JET 727200B JWSS-22B Scroll Saw Review

For craftsmanship and many other trades, getting a scroll saw is one of the best investments you can make for your work. This is a versatile cutting tool that specializes in detail-oriented tasks such as jigsaw puzzles, intarsia and toymaking. It can do varied angled cuts into a wide range of materials from wood to plastics. And a strong scroll saw can take your work to a professional level. One such heavy-duty scroll saw is the JET 727200B JWSS-22B Scroll Saw.

JET 727200B scroll saw

JET Tools is a pioneering brand of power tools, especially in woodworking, metalworking, lifting systems and air tools. They started as a small business of manual chain hoists and trolleys in Tacoma, Washington in 1958. Eventually they grew into a global brand that caters to thousands of tradesmen worldwide. Among their bestselling tools are scroll saws, band saws, table saws, drills, grinders, latches, hoists, wrenches and other high-performing machines.

Among JET’s bestsellers are their scroll saws. The Jet 727200B JWSS-22B Scroll Saw is a fine heavy-duty power saw guaranteed to give you high performance for both small tasks and large-scale projects. What makes it even more attractive investment is JET’s topnotch customer service team and strong 5-year warranty.

About the Jet 727200B JWSS-22B Scroll Saw

The JET 727200B JWSS-22B Scroll Saw is a solid cutting tool to work with, especially for heavy-duty tasks. With a 1.3 motor, it cuts through materials such as wood, metals at variable speeds 400 to 1550 SPM. This can tackle the thickest woods imaginable with its twenty-two-inch throat capacity. The best parts of JET scroll saws are the one-step, blade changing mechanism and a top lift, spring-loaded arm that tilts up to forty degrees left and forty five degrees right.

The saw’s upper mechanism clamps and tensions the blade in one seamless step. It works in conjunction with the removable tool-less lower blade holder and slotted table. Then the tilting arm makes work easier and more flexible than what you can do with other scroll saws with tilting table. In the JET 727200B, your work surface remains flat while you are free to adjust cutting angles with the spring-loaded arm.

Yes, it’s pricier than most scroll saws in the market but with JET, premium price means optimum quality. They make the JET 727200B sturdy and long-lasting with peak work performance with steel, cast iron and other tough materials.

The JET 727200B JWSS-22B Scroll Saw is strong enough to tackle not only small DIY projects, but also complex, intricate professional work. It comes with JET’s unparalleled support through their iron-clad five-year warranty and JPW Industries Authorized Service Centers who help you with warranty repair, obtaining replacement parts, or routine maintenance and major repair on your JET tools.

Features of the Jet 727200B JWSS-22B Scroll Saw

Versatile Cutter

The JET 727200B JWSS-22B Scroll Saw is a strong and versatile cutter. This power saw can through a wide variety of materials, including the toughest hardwoods. You can match the saw to different materials and tasks with the variable speed dial that offers a range of 400-1,550 strokes per minute.

What makes this particular JET scroll saw great for tackling heavy-duty projects are its 22 inches of throat depth, 3/4 inches of stroke length and maximum cutting depth of 2 inches.

Quick Blade Changes

JET scroll saws are also famous for their unique, one-step blade changing mechanism. They designed the upper blade holder to clamp and tension the saw blade seamlessly while the removable lower blade holder snaps it in place quickly. This mechanism works through a cam-level that draws the blade changing process between the ball-bearings and grips the blade so well that it reduces slippage. This makes threading blades into your task easier and faster.

With this quick blade changing feature, you can cut more efficiently, especially for pierce cuts and interior cuts.

Spacious, strong work table

The JET 727200B‘s large 12-7/8” x 23” cast iron table provides a stable working surface that also vibrates less. It also includes a slotted design that makes it very effortless to switch blades.

The table also comes with built-in blade storage for preloaded blades that can accommodate tubes of spare blades, and a built-in wrench for changing blades.

Tilting Arm

This JET scroll saw is also unique because instead of a tilting table, it works with a tilting arm. The arm tilts 45° right and 30° left, keeping the work table level. This top-lift, spring loaded arm raises 10 inches and stays up until pulled back down.

With this, you can let go of your work piece while making an angled cut without making a mess. With such an ergonomic design, your cutting operations become more enjoyable and less stressful.

Dust Collection

The JET 727200B is also very easy to clean up, even during cutting operations. It has a fine dust collection system that works with a down-draft type method that sucks dust through small holes in the table, flanking the blade and cutting zone, to a removable dust port on the underside of the table.

Its air blower also clears away sawdust and debris away from the blade and the work piece to provide better visibility in the cutting line. This helps you make accurate cuts all the time.

JET’s 5 Year Warranty and Stellar Customer Service

What makes this scroll saw a great investment is JET’s time-honored quality of service. All tools sold by JET, including this 22-inch scroll saw with stand and foot switch, are guaranteed for five years against product defect and repairs. You can also take advantage of JET’s stellar customer service team. Their Authorized Service Centers can give quick service – from warranty repair to major repair and obtaining parts of your JET tools.

They are also responsive on social media, telephone and email. Overall, you get swift responses and instant fixes of any issue with your scroll saw through JET’s customer service team.

The JET JWSS-22 22″ Scroll Saw also boasts the following specs:

  • Table Material – Cast Iron
  • Stroke Length (In.) – 3/4
  • Blade Tilt Range (Deg.) – 45 R, 40 L
  • Throat (In.)- 22-3/8
  • Maximum Cutting Depth (In.) – 2
  • Speed Range (Stroke/min)400 – 1550
  • Table Size (L x W) (In.) – 12-2/3 x 23-5/8
  • Motor Voltage (V) – 120
  • Motor Amps – 1.3
  • Table Height (In.) – 32 to 38
  • Assembled Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) (In.) – 33 x 25-1/2 x 48
  • Net Weight (Lbs.) – 89.7
  • Adjustable stand, up to to 4 different heights – 24-3/4″, 26-3/4″, 28-3/4″ or 31-3/4″ (using the leveling feet)
  • Easy to access speed and tension controls
  • Includes: Material hold down, Onboard Dust Blower, Foot Switch, Stand


  • One-step blade changing mechanism
  • Variable speeds for a wide range of materials
  • Versatile cutting capacity for heavy-duty tasks
  • Tilting arm
  • Large cast iron table
  • Works quietly
  • JET’s 5-year warranty


  • Bottom blade requires a little getting used to
  • Some issues with blade alignment
  • Pricey


In crafting, woodworking and other trades, a scroll saw is one of the best machines to get. With its ergonomic design and versatile cutting capacities, you can cut through wood, metals and many other materials effortlessly. You can use a scroll saw to make puzzles, intarsia, jigsaw puzzles, detail-oriented cutouts and more. It is also very easy to use which makes it great for professional trades.

Looking for a strong power saw that can tackle complex tasks and large-scale projects? Consider getting the JET 727200B JWSS-22B Scroll Saw. This sturdily built saw carries world class features from JET’s long tradition of innovative excellence.

The JET 727200B is a fine scroll saw for woodworking and complex projects. Take advantage of their quick, blade changing system, versatile cutting capacity, tilting arm, large cast iron table and quiet operations with little to no vibrations.

While it has a few downsides such as issues with blade alignment, JET supports all their customers with their prompt customer service team, especially through their Authorized Service Operators. They also offer a five-year warranty against product defect and repairs.

If you want to take your craftmanship and woodworking to the next level, this JET 22-inch Scroll Saw with Stand and Foot Switch will be a fine investment for your workshop. This heavy-duty power saw is pricey but well worth every dime for its long-lasting high performance.

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