Hegner 18-V Scroll Saw Review

Hegner 18-V Scroll Saw

Hegner 18-V Scroll Saw

The Hegner scroll saw has stayed in the shortlist of the very best scroll saws since it was first introduced to the market in 2005. It is literally a powerhouse of a power tool–it is compact as it is quiet, accurate, and versatile. The Hegner 18-inch scroll saw can cut through almost any material, making it relevant to a host of scroll saw applications.  

Hegner has built its reputation on designing scroll saws with superb cutting control, intuitive operation, and unsurpassed reliability.  The 18-V is Hegner’s most popular model by far–it has, since its introduction, delivered versatility, accuracy, and power in the workshop. But is it right scroll saw for you? Let’s look into the Hegner 18-V scroll saw and see whether or not it deserves a spot in your workshop.  

Spec Overview 

For those who are new to scroll saws, the Hegner name evokes an outstanding reputation of quality. Except for the drop foot knob that features metal and plastic parts on the inside, the 18-V scroll saw in is practically a beast built of cast iron. The 18-V is built to last and outlast its competition. It is a true premium scroll saw that that is the closest thing to a faultless power tool. 

The mostrous 2.8 amp induction motor that is at the very core of the Hegner 18-V is the most powerful motor we have ever seen in a scroll saw. In terms of raw power, the Hegner 18-V demolishes the competition–like the DeWalt DW788 or Craftsman 16″–easy. We have yet to see a scroll saw that can rival the 18-V in terms of raw power. This power means that it will make short work of any material–anything from low-density plywood to high-density alloy. 

The Hegner 18-V features an electronic variable speed induction motor that allows for accurate speed changes. The variable speed of 400 – 1,700 SPM allows a high level of accuracy that is typically unachievable from lower quality machines. Variable speed can be adjusted on the fly by turning the speed knob.  

The Hegner 18-V has a proper 18-inch throat depth that allows for relatively more depth compared to other models. 18” is considered to be the Goldilocks standard when it comes to scrolls saws–meaning it is big enough to engage large materials with relative ease while not being too bulky on your workbench. The 18-inch throat depth allows you to work on any type of commercial materials with ease–from plastic boards, metal sheets, engineered lumber. Weighing under 43 lbs and housed in a compact form factor, the Hegner 18-V achieves proper levels of maneuverability and productivity.  

The Hegner 18-inch scroll saw is engineered to deliver unparalleled accuracy when scrolling–thanks to the careful design that have gone into designing this power tool. The cast-iron table, arm, and blade holders are specifically designed to minimize vibrations while maximizing accuracy. Because an unstable scroll saw is not much of a scroll saw, Hegner designed the 18-V with maximum stability in mind–with the scroll table machine-engineered to allow for excellent sliding friction. The cast iron built of the table, as well as the arm and base helps absorb excess vibration to further prevent unnecessary instability. 

The 18-V scroll saw features Hegner’s Double Quicklock Tensioning System that allows the user to make multiple inner cuts on a project–a difficult feat is often unimaginable with lesser scroll saws. The Quicklock Tension Release Mechanism also allows for easy blade changes within seconds. Just pull the blade from the blade guard, seat your blade, and lock it again–quick and simple.  

Other features of the 18-V scroll saw include work table mounting units on the base of the unit–so that you can safely install this beast of a power tool to your workbench or scroll saw stand. The Hegner 18-inch scroll also feature a dust port that allows for an external vacuum attachment to help keep excess dust away from your cut. 

Lastly, the Hegner 18-V comes with a rock-solid 7-years manufacturer warranty– a testament to the company’s faith in the durability of this product.   



The Hegner 18-V belongs to the very short list of the very best scroll saws in the market right now. It is definitely a well-kept secret as far as scroll saws go. It is built like a tank and all the parts in this unit are serviceable. It is a rugged, dependable, versatile, high-performance machine that will allow just about everyone to do very intricate and accurate cuts.  

We can’t exactly say that the Hegner 18-V is the ultimate scroll saw for everybody. Or more specifically, not everybody can afford the 18-V. If you are working well within a budget, then know that there are more affordable models like the DeWalt DW788 or Delta Power Tools 40-694 that can serve as suitable, more budget-friendly scroll saw alternatives.  

If you are in the market for a new scroll saw and you have money to spare, then there’s almost no reason why you shouldn’t go for the Hegner 18-V. It is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to upgrade their existing hardware. It comes with a premium price that gets you top-quality of the components, uncompromising design, and behemoth of a scroll saw that sits at the very top of its class. 

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