General International Excalibur 16″ Scroll Saw Review

Scroll saws are one of the best cutting tools for tradesmen worldwide. They are versatile and quite easy to use. With them, you can create decorative works from a wide range of materials such as wood, metals and plastic. If you want to craft delicate pieces and patterns well, you need a good scroll saw. One excellent scroll saw we recommend is the General International 16” Excalibur Scroll Saw.

General International Excalibur 16" Scroll Saw

When it comes to woodworking and metalworking machinery, General International is a titan. It has been in the business since 1946 in Drummondville, QC, Canada. Their award-winning tools have helped workers worldwide create the best quality outputs in their different occupations, including furniture making and metalworking. They have stamped their world class innovative products with the industry-leading safety standards.

Among their popular and highly-reviewed products is the Excalibur 16-inch Scroll Saw. Named after the famous Arthurian sword, this scroll saw is a powerful versatile cutter. It can deliver different artful and intricate cuts.

The General International Excalibur BT8007 Scroll Saw is a favored tool of both DIYers and professionals woodworkers alike. Trust in the time-honored quality of workmanship from General International.

About the General International Excalibur BT8007 Scroll Saw

The General International Excalibur BT8007 16” scroll saw is one of the bestsellers in Amazon. And it’s nothing to wonder when you think about all the topnotch features built into this tool by General International.

The Excalibur 16-inch scroll saw, powered by a strong 1.2 amp motor, cuts at a 400 to 1400 SPM speed range. It can easily cut wood and other materials with precision. Its sturdy, spacious cast aluminum work table tilts up to 45° left with up-front locking knob and bevel scale.

You can work more efficiently with the toolless blade changes and adjustable speed knob. Take advantage of its Flex Neck LED light that helps you see your work progress for outmost accuracy.

Cleanup is easy with the inbuilt dust collector that easily attaches to a vacuum. Other ingenious features include the 16-inch throat depth, upper and lower parallel arms, tension-release switch, clamp and slide storage compartment for spare blades and wrenches.

And you don’t need to worry about factory defects either. Once you purchased an Excalibur 16” inch scroll saw, you get General International’s solid 3 year limited warranty.

Features of the General International Excalibur BT8007 Scroll Saw

Versatile Cutter

The General International Excalibur BT8007 scroll saw is a very powerful cutting tool. It can cut wood, plastic and metals up to 2 inches thick. With its 16-inch throat depth, you can work on larger materials as well.

You can take on any cutting task with this scroll saw’s variable speed ranging from 400 to 1600 strokes per minute (SPM). You can find the exact cutting speed and rate you need for any material and cutting task with the speed knob located on the front of the machine.

Its powerful 1.2 amp cuts through a wide variety of materials without hanging up or losing power during operation.

Strong Work Table

Get versatile cutting angles with the tilting aluminum work table. This unique design gives you a stable platform to cut the material without worrying about falling materials. This helps you create consistent, accurate cuts.

The spacious 16-by-10-inch table bevels up to 45 degrees to the left. It has a sturdy cast iron base which reduces vibration so you work more comfortably. It even includes bolt holes for an attachment to any work surface.

Clear flexible work light

General International has also designed a unique Flex neck LED light for the Excalibur scroll saw. It enables you you to highlight the work material where you want it. This helps you track your work progress and cut consistently and accurately from beginning to end.

This is most advantageous for working even in dim and dark workspaces.

Easy Cleanup with the inbuilt dust collector

Your scroll saw work is easier and more convenient to clean up with the Excalibur’s inbuilt saw dust collection system. It includes a saw dust blower, and dust extraction port that fits a standard 1-1/4 inch hose. This will help you work efficiently and safely away from the harmful dust and debris while you cut through different materials.

Safety Features

Work easier and with more peace of mind because the General International Excalibur 16-inch scroll saw is built with many safety features. This includes a switch protection device with removable security key. No risk of accidental or unintentional startup of the scroll saw here.

There is also a removable top and bottom wire guard to protect your fingers. Plus, you can store your saw blades safely with the patented blade holder and side storage compartment on the scroll saw for spare blades and wrenches

It also boasts the following specs:

  • 144 Watt, 120V~60Hz,
  • Easy access motor brushes
  • 3mm blade change T-style hex key
  • 4 mm adjustment hex key
  • Stroke Length: 5/8 in.
  • Weight: 24 lbs


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight and Compact.
  • Powerful 144W motor
  • Tool-less blade clamps
  • Variable Speed
  • Flexible, clear LED work light.
  • Easy cleanup with builtin sawdust blower.
  • Storage compartment for extra blades.
  • Built tough from cast iron metal.
  • Belt drive mechanism
  • Ergonomic design for absolute user control
  • Spacious table
  • Steady blade while working
  • Switch protection feature
  • Unique head tilts 30° left and 45° right
  • Backed by General International’s strong 3-year limited warranty


  • The arm is a bit stiff to raise and lower
  • Pricey
  • Uses pinless blades only


A scroll saw can take your work to new heights. With its versatile cutting styles and easy to control ergonomic designs, you will find yourself working more efficiently. All you need is to get is a good scroll saw to work magic with.

If you need an excellent scroll saw for DIY crafts and professional woodworks, we highly recommend the General International Excalibur 16” scroll saw. This is great for both beginners and advanced woodworkers alike. This lightweight and compact cutter is specially designed for ultimate user comfort and optimum work performance.

This 16-inch scroll saw from General International deserves the name of the eponymous Arthurian sword because you get versatile efficiency and ultimate safe controls. It has many advantages such as its variable speed, spacious tilting table, flexible work light and dust collection port. Rest assured that you are covered by General International’s iron-clad three-year warranty.

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