Delta 40-694 Scroll Saw

Delta Power Equipment Corp. has built a great 90-year history in the world of power tools. Delta is among the most reputable and recognizable brands when it comes to designing and manufacturing woodworking tools. As such, DELTA has earned a solid reputation of being the woodworking brand that creates tools that enable woodworkers carve even out the most intricate and most elaborate cutouts.  

Right out of the box , the Delta 40-694 scroll saw tends to be overly simplistic in its design that most novice woodworkers wouldn’t probably think much of it. This, of course, couldn’t be further from the truth as the Delta Power Tools 40-694 scroll saw has been thoughtfully engineered from the ground up to address the needs of the amateur, the advanced, as well as the professional woodworkers.

The Delta 40-694 is a versatile scroll saw unit that excels at detailing work. In this review, we will try to find out if the Delta 40-694 is the right scroll saw for you. 

Delta 40-694


Delta 40-694 Specs Overview  

The Delta 40-694 is powered by a 1.3 amp motor that can generate speeds up to 1,750 strokes per minute (SPM). This Delta scroll saw sports a variable speed mechanism that allows for speed adjustments from 400 to 1,750 strokes per minute.

Depending on the task at hand, the Delta 40-694 is very capable of cutting through both soft and hardwoods accurately and reliably. The variable speed functionality of the Delta 40-694 can be controlled via the dial located on the top of the arm of the unit. 

Delta 40-694

The Delta 40-694 features a 20-inch throat depth a ¾ inch stroke length. The 20 inch throat depth is quite formidable–especially given that the depth of scroll saws usually extends up to 22 inches. The 20-inch throat depth will ultimately allow anyone to cut quite deep into whatever material you are working before it touches the frame. 

The Delta 40-694 sports a solid iron-cast table that measures 16 by 24 inches which makes allows you to work on all sorts of pieces, both big and small. In addition to its size, table sports a polished surface that helps you slide the materials into position–providing for even better control. Delta also designed the table so it can be tilted up to 45 degrees to either the left or right–giving you the ability to maneuver your project in any direction, making for a more convenient for angle cutting.

This kind of maneuverability comes in handy especially for a newcomer who wants to get the most out of his scroll saw. The iron-cast table of the Delta 40-694 is tough, durable, and solid enough that it helps absorb excessive vibration–giving you more stability when you are working with your projects, consequently allowing for more accurate cuts.  

The Delta 40-694 makes use of extremely sharp pinless blades that are to cut through a wide range of materials with great precision and control. The blades can be quickly swapped out within a few seconds without the need for any additional hardware–other than the quick change tool-free clamp locks that are included with the kit–you just rotate to un-clamp the blade, replace the blade, lock the clamp, and you’re good to go.   

For additional accuracy and to increase the lifespan of the blade, Delta Power Tools 40-694 scroll saw features a blade tension adjustment mechanism. The blade tension is adjusted with a lever that sits above the blade arm.

The general design of the lever makes applying force while tightening the blade fairly simple and straightforward. Additionally, because the blade arm pivots instead of moving up and down, the Delta 40-694 operates with relatively lower levels of vibration and noise. 

Delta 40-694

An additional feature of the Delta 40-694 scroll saw is a flexible dust hose blower that allows for the quick and reasy removal of excess sawdust. 

When it comes to price, the Delta 40-694 isn’t the cheapest scroll saw model in the market, or the most expensive scrolls saw for that matter. But when you take into account everything you are getting with the Delta 40-694, it becomes clear the $350 it comes with is worth every dollar. While the Delta 40-694 does not have all the bells and whistles of higher end models–features so rarely use that they just end up needlessly inflating the price, it certainly is a robust scroll saw unit that does not lack a touch usefulness in the workshop. In fact, it would be quite a task to find a better scroll saw unit that offers that same features at this price point. 


At the end of the day, the Delta 40-694 Scroll Saw appears to deliver the perfect set of features for the price, For a novice woodworker, it might be a little difficult to justify the $350 price tag of this scroll saw–although, there are certainly more expensive models out there. But for a more advanced, experienced woodworker who deals with elaborate contours and intricate patterns on a regular basis, then the Delta 40-694 might just be the perfect tool for your next masterpieces. The Delta 40-694 delivers the right set of features that makes it appealing to experienced scrollers who require no less the most accuracy, control and versatility out of their instrument. 


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