Best Scroll Saws To Get in 2020

The DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw Review

Scroll saws are one of the staple tools in many trades. This versatile power saw can tackle many different materials from wood to metals. And it will add more aesthetic flairs to any project with its varied cutting styles. It is best for crafting because it can make curved and angular cuts, but not straight lines.

The DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw Review - best scroll saws

A scroll saw is very easy and safe to use for workers of every skill level. Among the brands for the best scroll saws to buy are Dewalt, WEN, Dremel, Delta and Porter-Cable.

Browsing through Amazon and feeling overwhelmed by the wealth of choices? Don’t worry. Saws Expert presents this comprehensive guide on the Best Scroll Saws in 2020. Our team has looked up the scroll saws market and collated the top 10 most excellent scroll saws. Here, we will include product reviews, pros and cons of each scroll saw model so you can choose wisely which one to get for your work routine.

Best Scroll Saws in 2020:

  1. DEWALT DW788
  2. DELTA 40-694
  3. Shop Fox W1713
  4. Dremel MS20-01
  5. WEN 3921
  6. Rockwell ShopSeries RK7315
  7. Excalibur EX-16
  8. WEN 3920
  9. JET 727200K
  10. Rockwell Bladerunner X2

Best Scroll Saws 2020

DEWALT DW788WEN 3921 DELTA 40-694
WEIGHS 56 poundsWEIGHS 25.5 poundsWEIGHS 60 pounds
400 to 1,750 SPM550 to 1600 SPM 400-1,750 SPM


DeWalt is a pioneer in the power tool industry. They have been a household brand worldwide for their innovative and high-performing tools. Among their bestselling products are scroll saws.

The DEWALT DW788 Scroll Saw tops our list in the best scroll saws simply because it is made to last and run at consistently high performance. This is a fine user-friendly power saw that cuts with variable speed of up to 1750 SPM.

It works smoothly and quietly to cut a wide variety of materials from wood to metals. You can work more efficiently with the tool-free blade clamp and large adjustable table. Overall, it is ergonomically designed to work reliably and accurately, for both small tasks and large-scale projects.


  • Versatile cutter
  • Low vibration
  • Large, sturdy adjustable table
  • Tool-free blade changes


  • some power issues with the dust blower
  • Pricey

Saws Expert Rating: 9.9 out of 10 (Great!)


Need a cutting tool for large projects and complex tasks? We highly recommend you get the DELTA 40-694. This 20-inch scroll saw packs a lot of power and cutting capacity in its 60-pound body. It can cut both thin and thick materials from wood to metals.

It runs at 400 to 1,750 SPM, powered by a 1.3 amp motor. It offers versatile cutting styles with its tilting table and tool-free blade tensioning. It is designed to be user-friendly with easily accessible controls such as On/Off switch, electronic variable speed dial, flexible dust blower and blade-tensioning lever.


  • Variable speed
  • Heavy-duty worker
  • Nifty dust hose
  • Works quietly, smoothly and accurately
  • User-friendly


  • Only works with pinless or straight blades
  • Inadequate user manual
  • Lack of vacuum port
  • Pricey

Saws Expert Rating: 9.8 out of 10 (Great!)

3. Shop Fox W1713

Shop Fox is one of the power tool industry’s leading budget-friendly brands. It offers affordable tools for DIYers and begineer workers alike. This company especially designs their products with close attention to detail, ruggedly built parts and a rigid quality control program.

The Shop Fox W1713 scroll saw offers variable speed control, extra cutting capacity through its tilting table and user-friendly controls. It runs at 550 – 1700 SPM, powered by a 1/8HP, 1.2amps, 110-volt, 60Hz motor. You can cut a wide variety of materials with its 16 inches of throat depth.

This is a great scroll saw to add to your workshop because it is lightweight, portable and efficient in many small cutting tasks and DIY projects.


  • Versatile Cutting Capacity
  • Easy blade changes
  • Compatible with both pinned and pinless blades
  • Helpful exhaust blower and gooseneck lamp
  • Works quietly with little vibration
  • Affordable


  • No user manual
  • some issues with table tilt zero indicator

Saws Expert Rating: 9.6 out of 10 (Great!)

4. Dremel MS20-01

Need a starter scroll saw? Consider getting the Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw. This lightweight and compact power saw is made to be both a stationary scroll saw and a portable coping saw. This adjustable design ensures that the user gets the most out of its versatile functions.

This Dremel scroll saw can create varied detail-oriented cuts in many different materials from wood to metals to plastics. It is also very easy to use, set up and store. This power saw is made for precision cutting tasks, but mostly for small and light-duty tasks.


  • Versatile Cutting Capacity
  • Tool-free Blade Changes
  • Adjustable and Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Works quietly
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Precision Cutter


  • only uses pinned blades
  • Not for heavy-duty tasks
  • No miter gauge or rip fence (buy from Dremel directly)

Saws Expert Rating: 9.5 out of 10 (Great!)


When it comes to affordable, efficient power tools, WEN is one of the best brands to go. Founded in 1951 by Nick Anton, they have pioneered many innovations, especially in their mission to provide budget-friendly efficient tools for beginner workers and DIYers. In fact, their scroll saws are so good that they take two spots in our list of best scroll saws and other reviewer’s recommendations as well. Especially the top bestselling scroll saw in Amazon – the WEN 3921.

The WEN 3921 delivers clean and precision cuts at 400-1,600 SPM, with 16 inches of throat depth. It can tackle woods up to two inches inch with its 9/16-inch stroke. It is made even more versatile by the large tilting table that bevels up to 45 degrees for a wide variety of angled cuts.

It has helpful safety features such adjustable air pump, 1-1/2-inch dust port, hold-down foot clamp and flexible work light. And WEN backs every purchase with a solid two-year warranty, a skillful technical team and supportive customer help line.


  • Variable speed
  • Tilting Table
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Beginner-friendly features
  • Affordable
  • Backed by two-year warranty


  • issues with blade tensioning
  • works loudly
  • Not powerful enough for heavy-duty tasks
  • Spare blade compartment needs better design

Saws Expert Rating: 9 out of 10 (Excellent!)

6. Rockwell ShopSeries RK7315

ShopSeries is a DIYers’ brand for power tools and machinery. They pride in making tools packed with versatile function and seamless compatibility.

The ShopSeries Rockwell RK7315 is a lightweight versatile scroll saw that is designed with many innovative features to help any beginner become an efficient worker. You can use it to cut through many different materials, including wood and metals. And make a wide variety of angled cuts, with its variable speed, beveling table, 16-inch throat depth, and tungsten carbide blades, such as intricate curves, patterns and even joints.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Variable Speed
  • 16″ throat length
  • Cutting thickness of 2.5″
  • Powerful 1.2A Motor
  • Cuts with strong tungsten carbide blades
  • Handy blade storage compartment
  • Easy to use
  • Backed by ShopSeries’ two-years warranty
  • Affordable


  • Tricky blade changing mechanism
  • Vibrates when cutting at high speeds
  • Works with pinned blades only
  • Table only tilts in one direction
  • Lacks work light
  • Table insert doesn’t sit flush in the table
  • Issues with foot clamp, table insert and dust blower

Saws Expert Rating: 8.7 out of 10 (Very Good!)

7. Excalibur EX-16

The Excalibur 16-inch scroll saw, powered by a strong 1.3 amp motor, cuts wood and other materials at 400 to 1400 SPM. It is made even more versatile by its sturdy, large tilting cast aluminum work table.

Many users love this scroll saw’s tool-free blade changing mechanism, flexible LED light, inbuilt dust collector, 16-inch throat depth, and slide storage compartment for spare blades and wrenches.

As a bonus, when you buy this Excalibur 16” inch scroll saw, it comes backed by General International’s solid 3 year limited warranty.


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile Cutting Capacity
  • Lightweight and Compact.
  • Powerful 144W motor
  • Tool-less blade clamps
  • Flexible, clear LED work light.
  • Easy cleanup with builtin sawdust blower.
  • Storage compartment for extra blades.
  • Built tough from cast iron metal.
  • Belt drive mechanism
  • Ergonomic design for absolute user control
  • Spacious table
  • Steady blade while working
  • Switch protection feature
  • Unique head tilts 30° left and 45° right
  • Backed by General International’s strong 3-year limited warranty


  • The arm is a bit stiff to raise and lower
  • Uses pinless blades only
  • Pricey

Saws Expert Rating: 8.6 out of 10 (Very Good!)

8. WEN 3920

WEN is a top choice among budget-savvy workers. The WEN 3920 is another bestselling scroll saw from this American power tool brand. This scroll saw is especially unique because you can cut more versatilely with its two-direction cutting design. You can put your saw blades in either a standard or 90-degree position. You can materials front and back using the standard position or across the width of the table, instead of front to back, using the 90-degree position.

It cuts many different materials at 400 to 1600 SPM, powered by a 1.2 amp motor. And it can tackle woods and other materials up to two inches thick through its 16-inch throat depth.

This WEN scroll saw is also popular for having the right accessories and features for scroll work and woodworking such as large tilting table, hold down clamp, dust port and onboard blade storage. However, it is not ranked higher in this list because of its technical weaknesses. Among the most common complaints is the vibration of the saw when cutting at high speeds.

Nevertheless, WEN is very supportive to all its customers with a 2-year warranty and stellar customer service.


  • Versatile Cutting Capacity
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Precision Cutter
  • Onboard blade storage
  • Easy cleanup with adjustable air pump
  • Easy to use
  • Works with both pinned and pinless blades
  • Prompt customer service team
  • Affordable


  • Mostly flimsy plastic construction
  • Short LED light tail
  • Vibrates at high speeds
  • Weak blade tensioning and alignment
  • Requires regular maintenance

Saws Expert Rating: 8.5 out of 10 (Very Good!)

9. JET 727200K

JET is one of the leading power tool brands for crafters and woodworkers. In particular, the JET 22 inch scroll saw works well for intarsia projects and other complex projects.

The Jet 727200K is versatile due to its unique tilting arm, large flat cast iron table and 22 inches of throat depth. With this, you can handle even hard woods such as mahogany and cherry woods. You can work more efficiently with this scroll saw’s tool-free blade changing mechanism.

This pricey saw is worth it if you want to move to more serious and complex woodworking or crafting projects. And JET guarantees all purchases with a 5-year warranty and routine maintenance and major repair through their  Authorized Service Centers.


  • Versatile Cutting Capacity
  • Large cast iron table with tilting arm
  • Onboard blade storage.
  • Adjustable stand.
  • Detachable dust port.
  • Demountable lower blade holder.
  • Adjustable stand
  • User-friendly controls
  • Backed by JET’s 5-year warranty


  • Issues with keeping blades in the top clamp
  • Lower speed than other models

Saws Expert Rating: 8 out of 10 (Very Good!)

10. Rockwell Bladerunner X2

Rockwell Tools is a powerhouse American power tool brand that has helped many workers for over 60 years. They pride in offering topnotch tools at an affordable cost. Their top bestselling scroll saw is the Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw.

The Rockwell Bladerunner X2 is a fine portable power saw with high cutting capacity. With this, you can cut a wide range of materials from wood to ceramics. This is great for both DIYers and homeowners because of its ergonomic, efficient features such as  built-in carry handle, tool-free blade changes, adjustable gauge, hold-down guard and splitter and assorted t-shank blades.

Rockwell will also support you with a stellar customer service team and 3-year limited warranty.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Ergonomically designed with a tabletop handle
  • Comes with different cutting blades for many materials
  • Versatile cutting capacity
  • Easy to change blades quickly with no extra tools
  • Works smoothly without noise
  • Cleanup is a breeze with dust port
  • Very affordable
  • Strong 3-year product and service warranty


  • Only for light-duty tasks
  • Needs to be bolted to be steady whilst using it
  • Overheating blade
  • Inadequate user manual

Saws Expert Rating: 7.5 out of 10 (Fair!)


Scroll saws are one of the best tools you can add to your workshop. These versatile cutting tools can help you make attractive works such as jigsaw puzzles, intarsia and scroll work. Or even just to add a little stylistic pattern to your home improvement task. What makes it even better is its beginner-friendly features and safety mechanisms. This is the saw you get when you want to be a crafty tradesman or create detail-oriented pieces.

There are scroll saws for every skill and budget level of tradesmen.

If you want the best overall scroll saw, it’s simply DeWalt’s DW788. This scroll saw is a high-performing cutter that can help you work on many different materials from wood to metals effortlessly. It’s also built with the Darn Tough Quality of DEWALT.

For the budget-savvy worker, consider the WEN 3921. It’s the bestselling scroll saw on Amazon because it works well for many DIYers and light-duty workers.

But if you’re a worker who’s into heavy-duty tasks, we highly recommend the Delta 40-694. With 20 inches of throat depth, it packs a lot of cutting capacity and functionality for large-scale projects.

Hopefully this guide will help you find your ideal scroll saw wisely, based on your work needs and budget.

To learn more about scroll saws, explore the Saws Expert website. We can help you find the best saw for your needs. So you can create fine and attractive work pieces of high standards.

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