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Delta 40-694 Scroll Saw

Delta Power Equipment Corp. has built a great 90-year history in the world of power tools. Delta is among the most reputable and recognizable brands when it comes to designing and manufacturing woodworking tools. As such, DELTA has earned a solid reputation of being the woodworking brand that creates tools that enable woodworkers carve even out the most intricate and most elaborate cutouts.  

Right out of the box , the Delta 40-694 scroll saw tends to be overly simplistic in its design that most novice woodworkers wouldn’t probably think much of it. This, of course, couldn’t be further from the truth as the Delta Power Tools 40-694 scroll saw has been thoughtfully engineered from the ground up to address the needs of the amateur, the advanced, as well as the professional woodworkers.

The Delta 40-694 is a versatile scroll saw unit that excels at detailing work. In this review, we will try to find out if the Delta 40-694 is the right scroll saw for you. 

Delta 40-694


Delta 40-694 Specs Overview  

The Delta 40-694 is powered by a 1.3 amp motor that can generate speeds up to 1,750 strokes per minute (SPM). This Delta scroll saw sports a variable speed mechanism that allows for speed adjustments from 400 to 1,750 strokes per minute.

Depending on the task at hand, the Delta 40-694 is very capable of cutting through both soft and hardwoods accurately and reliably. The variable speed functionality of the Delta 40-694 can be controlled via the dial located on the top of the arm of the unit. 

Delta 40-694

The Delta 40-694 features a 20-inch throat depth a ¾ inch stroke length. The 20 inch throat depth is quite formidable–especially given that the depth of scroll saws usually extends up to 22 inches. The 20-inch throat depth will ultimately allow anyone to cut quite deep into whatever material you are working before it touches the frame. 

The Delta 40-694 sports a solid iron-cast table that measures 16 by 24 inches which makes allows you to work on all sorts of pieces, both big and small. In addition to its size, table sports a polished surface that helps you slide the materials into position–providing for even better control. Delta also designed the table so it can be tilted up to 45 degrees to either the left or right–giving you the ability to maneuver your project in any direction, making for a more convenient for angle cutting.

This kind of maneuverability comes in handy especially for a newcomer who wants to get the most out of his scroll saw. The iron-cast table of the Delta 40-694 is tough, durable, and solid enough that it helps absorb excessive vibration–giving you more stability when you are working with your projects, consequently allowing for more accurate cuts.  

The Delta 40-694 makes use of extremely sharp pinless blades that are to cut through a wide range of materials with great precision and control. The blades can be quickly swapped out within a few seconds without the need for any additional hardware–other than the quick change tool-free clamp locks that are included with the kit–you just rotate to un-clamp the blade, replace the blade, lock the clamp, and you’re good to go.   

For additional accuracy and to increase the lifespan of the blade, Delta Power Tools 40-694 scroll saw features a blade tension adjustment mechanism. The blade tension is adjusted with a lever that sits above the blade arm.

The general design of the lever makes applying force while tightening the blade fairly simple and straightforward. Additionally, because the blade arm pivots instead of moving up and down, the Delta 40-694 operates with relatively lower levels of vibration and noise. 

Delta 40-694

An additional feature of the Delta 40-694 scroll saw is a flexible dust hose blower that allows for the quick and reasy removal of excess sawdust. 

When it comes to price, the Delta 40-694 isn’t the cheapest scroll saw model in the market, or the most expensive scrolls saw for that matter. But when you take into account everything you are getting with the Delta 40-694, it becomes clear the $350 it comes with is worth every dollar. While the Delta 40-694 does not have all the bells and whistles of higher end models–features so rarely use that they just end up needlessly inflating the price, it certainly is a robust scroll saw unit that does not lack a touch usefulness in the workshop. In fact, it would be quite a task to find a better scroll saw unit that offers that same features at this price point. 


At the end of the day, the Delta 40-694 Scroll Saw appears to deliver the perfect set of features for the price, For a novice woodworker, it might be a little difficult to justify the $350 price tag of this scroll saw–although, there are certainly more expensive models out there. But for a more advanced, experienced woodworker who deals with elaborate contours and intricate patterns on a regular basis, then the Delta 40-694 might just be the perfect tool for your next masterpieces. The Delta 40-694 delivers the right set of features that makes it appealing to experienced scrollers who require no less the most accuracy, control and versatility out of their instrument. 


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Wen 3921 Scroll Saw Review

WEN 3921

WEN has been in the power tools game since 1957, and has made available some of the most dependable list of tools in the market right now. The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw is a newer version of the well-received WEN 3920 scroll saw that featured an older, keyed blade change mechanism – something that has been made obsolete by the 3921 model. 


Specs Overview  

Solidly built, the Wen 3921 scroll saw among the best designed scroll saw units in the marketplace right now. The Wen 3921 is an exclusive two direction scroll saw that features a variable speed mechanism that enables adjustment from 550 SP to 1600 SPM. It capable of cutting roughly up to 2’’ of hardwood material. There will be moments when you want a cut done on either the faster or slower SPM rate – which is exactly why the variable speed feature of the Wen 3921 is important. The variable speed knob conveniently sits on the front of the 3921 alongside the power switch–making it a breeze easy to control speeds mid-cut.  

 WEN 3921

The Wen 3921 sports a cast iron base and features a 16” throat size; dimensions: 26.38” x 13” x 14.75”– perfect dimension for your most projects. The iron base is specifically designed to minimize vibration, which consequently makes your cut more accurate–which is what you definitely want for your scroll saw? The table also bevels left up to 45°, allowing you to make those angled cuts–increase your ability to make cuts of complicated designs and shapes. Despite its solid built, the Wen 3921 comes in at 26 lbs., which is a comfortable middle in terms of scroll saw weight.  


As previously mentioned, the Wen 3921 features a tool-less blade change mechanism which is basically a thumb screw that sits on top of the saw’s arm. This tool-less blade change mechanism is essentially what separates the Wen 3921 from it predecessor, the older Wen 3920 which requires a tool for blade changes change blades. Instead of a hex key or any additional tool, the thumb screw is all that you need to replace your blades in the Wen 3921. Additionally, this updated blade change mechanism accommodates both pinned and pin-less blades–giving you countless options when it comes to what blades you can use.  

 WEN 3921

The Wen 3921 comes with a number of nifty features which include that highlight the 3921 ability to optimize work visibility–the air pump and flexible light. This WEN scroll saw features an adjustable air pump that allows you to rid your workspace of excessive dust. The air pump is connected to the dust port. Any there are many other scroll saw model that don’t come with a dust port–this feature definitely highlights the 3921’s value for the money. The Wen 3921 also comes with a flexible light that gives the user better low light visibility.  

Lastly, the Wen 3921 features onboard storage that provides an ocean of additional value. When you are moving worksites, chances are you will find this feature to be priceless. And even if don’t plan on moving the scroll saw anytime soon, the onboard storage will still allow you to store any additional blades you might have lying around your workspace–this means you also won’t have to worry about losing your blades and other accessories anytime soon. When you are in the middle of a project, it’s quite easy to forget other things than the job at hand–so the onboard storage feature of the 3921 is a very practical inclusion.  



The Wen 3921 sits at the cheaper end of scroll saw market. However, even if the 3921 is well within budget territory– it makes no compromises in terms of its quality, output, additional features, long-term reliability, and overall performance. It’s amazing how such a high-quality product sits at this price range. The Wen 3921 might be budget but it is by no means a lower-tier product–it is simply a very affordable option than can go toe-to-toe with other more expensive scroll saw models.. 

At the end of the day, the Wen 3921 features 9/16-inch stroke saws through hardwoods up to two inches thick, make variable speed adjustment form 550 to 1600 strokes per minute with the simple turn of a knob, sports a  cast iron base effectively minimizes excessive vibrations during operation, comes with an adjustable air pump blows away excessive sawdust from your work space, includes an adjustable that maximizes low light visibility, and a tool-less blade change mechanism that accepts both pinned and pin-less blades that gives you near-limitless options, and is designed with nifty onboard storage feature that keeps your accessories well- organized. Yes, these are the features that can generally with various scroll saw of different makes and models. But you have them with the Wen 3921 for a fraction of the price–giving you the best value that your money can buy. 



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Hegner 18-V Scroll Saw Review

Hegner 18-V Scroll Saw

The Hegner scroll saw has stayed in the shortlist of the very best scroll saws since it was first introduced to the market in 2005. It is literally a powerhouse of a power tool–it is compact as it is quiet, accurate, and versatile. The Hegner 18-inch scroll saw can cut through almost any material, making it relevant to a host of scroll saw applications.  

Hegner has built its reputation on designing scroll saws with superb cutting control, intuitive operation, and unsurpassed reliability.  The 18-V is Hegner’s most popular model by far–it has, since its introduction, delivered versatility, accuracy, and power in the workshop. But is it right scroll saw for you? Let’s look into the Hegner 18-V scroll saw and see whether or not it deserves a spot in your workshop.  

Spec Overview 

For those who are new to scroll saws, the Hegner name evokes an outstanding reputation of quality. Except for the drop foot knob that features metal and plastic parts on the inside, the 18-V scroll saw in is practically a beast built of cast iron. The 18-V is built to last and outlast its competition. It is a true premium scroll saw that that is the closest thing to a faultless power tool. 

The mostrous 2.8 amp induction motor that is at the very core of the Hegner 18-V is the most powerful motor we have ever seen in a scroll saw. In terms of raw power, the Hegner 18-V demolishes the competition–like the DeWalt DW788 or Craftsman 16″–easy. We have yet to see a scroll saw that can rival the 18-V in terms of raw power. This power means that it will make short work of any material–anything from low-density plywood to high-density alloy. 

The Hegner 18-V features an electronic variable speed induction motor that allows for accurate speed changes. The variable speed of 400 – 1,700 SPM allows a high level of accuracy that is typically unachievable from lower quality machines. Variable speed can be adjusted on the fly by turning the speed knob.  

The Hegner 18-V has a proper 18-inch throat depth that allows for relatively more depth compared to other models. 18” is considered to be the Goldilocks standard when it comes to scrolls saws–meaning it is big enough to engage large materials with relative ease while not being too bulky on your workbench. The 18-inch throat depth allows you to work on any type of commercial materials with ease–from plastic boards, metal sheets, engineered lumber. Weighing under 43 lbs and housed in a compact form factor, the Hegner 18-V achieves proper levels of maneuverability and productivity.  

The Hegner 18-inch scroll saw is engineered to deliver unparalleled accuracy when scrolling–thanks to the careful design that have gone into designing this power tool. The cast-iron table, arm, and blade holders are specifically designed to minimize vibrations while maximizing accuracy. Because an unstable scroll saw is not much of a scroll saw, Hegner designed the 18-V with maximum stability in mind–with the scroll table machine-engineered to allow for excellent sliding friction. The cast iron built of the table, as well as the arm and base helps absorb excess vibration to further prevent unnecessary instability. 

The 18-V scroll saw features Hegner’s Double Quicklock Tensioning System that allows the user to make multiple inner cuts on a project–a difficult feat is often unimaginable with lesser scroll saws. The Quicklock Tension Release Mechanism also allows for easy blade changes within seconds. Just pull the blade from the blade guard, seat your blade, and lock it again–quick and simple.  

Other features of the 18-V scroll saw include work table mounting units on the base of the unit–so that you can safely install this beast of a power tool to your workbench or scroll saw stand. The Hegner 18-inch scroll also feature a dust port that allows for an external vacuum attachment to help keep excess dust away from your cut. 

Lastly, the Hegner 18-V comes with a rock-solid 7-years manufacturer warranty– a testament to the company’s faith in the durability of this product.   



The Hegner 18-V belongs to the very short list of the very best scroll saws in the market right now. It is definitely a well-kept secret as far as scroll saws go. It is built like a tank and all the parts in this unit are serviceable. It is a rugged, dependable, versatile, high-performance machine that will allow just about everyone to do very intricate and accurate cuts.  

We can’t exactly say that the Hegner 18-V is the ultimate scroll saw for everybody. Or more specifically, not everybody can afford the 18-V. If you are working well within a budget, then know that there are more affordable models like the DeWalt DW788 or Delta Power Tools 40-694 that can serve as suitable, more budget-friendly scroll saw alternatives.  

If you are in the market for a new scroll saw and you have money to spare, then there’s almost no reason why you shouldn’t go for the Hegner 18-V. It is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to upgrade their existing hardware. It comes with a premium price that gets you top-quality of the components, uncompromising design, and behemoth of a scroll saw that sits at the very top of its class. 

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WEN 3920 Scroll Saw

WEN 3920

As a budding woodworker, a scroll saw is a crucial item in your workshop tool collection. Because of its low-price point and intuitive operation, the WEN 3920 scroll saw could easily be the best available scroll saw option for beginners. Often, one’s journey into woodworking progresses from easy DIY projects into simple home improvements tasks until you come across something that you genuinely enjoy doing. The WEN 3920 is perfect to take with you on this journey. If, in the future, you realize that you need a more scroll saw with more robust functionality, then you can explore higher end options down the line. So is the WEN 3920 worth the money? In this review, we will help you decide if it’s the scroll saw to address all your workshop needs. 


Spec Overview 

For users who are thinking of getting into pattern work, the WEN 3920 is very capable scroll saw for this particular application. This 16-Inch two-direction scroll saw lets you execute your creative ideas with ease. It offers simple controls with effective functions to cut precisely even on small objects. 

The WEN 3920 accommodates both pinned and pinless blades, allowing you to choose your preferred blade type. On top of that, the scroll saw can be adjusted in a standard or in a 90-degree position, giving the user much more flexibility when cutting scrolling patterns.  

With these two blade cutting positions, the WEN 3920 can cut front and back using the standard position; it can also cut across the width of the table, instead of front to back, using the pinned position. However, that pin less blade changes aren’t particularly easy on this scroll saw as it is on some other models—the threading attachment is difficult to access and it does require the use of an Allen wrench. 

The WEN 3920 is manufactured from high-grade cast-iron which makes the machine as solid as a tank. The WEN 3920 has a stroke rate between 400 and 1600 strokes per minute. In terms of its raw SPM capacity, the WEN 3920 competes with higher end models in the market.  

The WEN 3920 can easily cut through wood that is up to two inches thick as it is designed with a 16-Inch throat depth. All necessary accessories and tools are included in the scroll saw package. Out of the box, the WEN 3920 includes 3 blades which covers a wide range of applications. Making speed adjustments are easy–you just need to rotate the knob to make the necessary adjustments. 

The WEN 3920 features a properly sized table that provides enough space for various designs. The 16” x 10” table is a great size–perfect for small pieces, but can support much bigger projects. The WEN 3920 also features a hold down clamp that allows for projects to be locked-in place–preventing any unwanted sliding or moving while the blade is running. This lockdown mechanism makes sure that your cuts are accurate every time. The table is also designed specifically to achieve minimal vibration. This scroll saw comes with a separate 1.5 Inch dust port that does a great job in keeping the machine dust-free. The table tilts with 16-Inch depth that allowing the user to adjust the height of the object.  

Other features of the WEN 3920 includes a flexible LED light that tremendously improves low light visibility and operation. There is also an onboard blade storage compartment where users can keep their blades and other tools. 

Make sure that you leaf through the user manual to proper instructions before getting started with the machine. WEN is also offering a 2 years limited warranty on the 3920 scroll saw and it parts.   



Overall, the Wen 3920 is an impressive product for the money.  While it’s not exactly the most powerful or most sophisticated scroll saw in the market, the WEN 3920 is at its best where it truly counts. When it comes to being novice woodworker, a beginner handyman, or even semi-professional on a tight budget, the WEN 3920 offers fantastic value. From its versatile blade placement, to its variable speed capability, to its on-board led light mechanism, the WEN 3920 provides proper fundamental scroll saw functionality that more expensive models offer at almost half the price. The dual direction cutting capability of the WEN 3920 saves a great deal of time and help speed up a host of home improvement projects. 

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DeWalt DW788 In-Depth Product Review

From one of the most recognizable hand and power tool manufacturers in the world, the DW788 is DeWalt’s attempt at making the best scroll saw for beginner handymen and professional users. In this review, we will take a good look at the DeWalt DW788–a robust scroll saw for even the most experienced DIYer. 


DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

Spec Overview  

DeWalt products are built to last–and the DW788, despite being marketed as a scroll saw for the novice handymen, is no exception to this rule. What makes the DW788 a practical tool for beginners is the many different functionalities that this unit features which make for a relatively easy, quiet, and versatile operation.  

The DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw Review

Like its higher-end scroll saw brothers, the DW788 is very capable of making detailed and intricate cutouts on any number of projects. The DeWalt DW788 is a bundle of joy as far as scroll saws go. At the heart of this power, is a 1.3 amp motor that runs on 120 volts of power. The DW788’s performance to power configuration is designed to give you an efficiency rating that will keep your power bills down.  

DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

The DeWalt DW788 is a multi-speed scroll saw which means that you can adjust the speed of the blade to meet the demands of the task at hand–  the cutout pattern and the material that you are working with will determine how fast you want the blade moving.. For instance, you can lower the speed when you are working with metal and you can up the speed when you are working with thin wood or paper. DeWalt DW788’s motor variable speed motor allows for convenient and precise adjustments. Adjusted speed ranges from 400 SPM to 1750 SPM. 

The DeWalt Scroll Saw features a throat depth of 20 inches–allowing cuts from ¾ inch to 2 inches.  

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

The DeWalt DW788 features a solid overall design. This scroll saw unit features a double parallel-link arm that significantly reduces any vibration that naturally occurs when using a scroll saw. This parallel-link arm design is what gives the DW788 maximum stability.  The DW788 also sports an oversized iron-cast table that provides plenty of workspace for various projects.  

In terms of general layout, the DeWalt DW788 places the power switch, variable speed control, and tension lever at the front of the upper arm–conveniently keeping all the main controls within arm’s reach of the user. 

Another great feature of the DW788 is the flexible dust blower–as this allows the user to blow excess dust away from the workplace. This is especially important when it comes to providing the user with maximum clarity when making intricate cutouts.  

As a testament to the company’s intent to stand behind its product, the DeWalt DW788 comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, a one-year service warranty, and a three-year limited warranty.  


The DeWalt DW788 doesn’t exactly come with a dirt-cheap price tag. But considering the top-quality built quality, robust functionality, and sheer performance on tap, the DW788 is money very well spent.  

In our time with the DW788, we can definitely recommend this scroll saw unit to both the novice handymen and the professional worker alike. It is not difficult to include the DeWalt DW788 in the shortlist of the best scroll saws, dollar-for-dollar, in the market right now. 


 The DeWalt DW788 is designed to work on a tabletop, but DeWalt also makes a 3 Leg Scroll-Saw Stand.  The DW7880 Scroll-Saw Stand can save your valuable worktop space in your garage or workshop.  Having a separate stand for your scroll saw helps make this scroll saw a more portable unit. 

DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw 

The DeWalt DW7881 Scroll Saw Work Light is a must-have accessory for the scroll saw.  The light has a flexible neck and attaches directly on the saw allowing you to get everything adjusted to just the right position to provide you with the light you need.  


 dewalt scroll saw lamp


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What is a scroll saw?

If you are a crafter, DIYer or woodworker, you will need a scroll saw in your workshop. This is the best tool to cut exquisite designs out of many different materials from wood to metals. Originally designed for scrollwork on wood, you can use it to make magic on your work from parquetry to fretwork.

scroll saw

It can cut complex cuts such as curved lines, plunge cuts, and intricate patterns. This quintessential cutting tool for crafting is a stationary machine that smooths smoothly as you move materials around it.

A scroll saw blade is typically characterized by a fine tip that facilitates the necessary precision required in crafting extremely intricate designs. Scroll saw blades are generally narrow with an average length of 5 inches and an average width of ⅛ inches.

Much of the scroll saw’s precision facility is a direct result of its extra fine teeth and high Teeth Per Inch (TPI) measurement–more teeth per inch basically translates to higher levels of precision; higher TPI measurement make for faster and more accurate blade turns that are important in crafting intricate patterns out of wood and other materials.

If you need finesse in your creative tasks, get a scroll saw.


Types of Scroll Saws

Scroll saws primarily vary in power supply and type of speed. The scroll saw that you will choose depends on your work routine and the materials you will work with.

Scroll Saws by Power Supply


Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

These powerful scroll saws get their power from being plugged into an electrical outlet. Most corded scroll saws feature long cords for optimum maneuverability. They also pack a lot more power than their cordless counterparts because they can work longer at consistent performance.


DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

Cordless scroll saws run on batteries, which makes them portable and easily used anywhere. Innovations in these type of scroll saws include long-lasting batteries and fast chargers to help you work more efficiently.

You can find scroll saw batteries with voltags that range from 12V to 18V. 


Some latest scroll saws in the market are designed for flexible work management. You can easily switch from corded to cordless scroll saw with a few steps. 

Manual Scroll Saws

Last but not the least is the traditional scroll saw which is run manually by pedaling it akin to a sewing machine.

Types of Scroll Saws by Speed

Fixed-speed Scroll Saws

Scroll saws with fixed speed cut materials with a particular speed that you cannot change. This type of scroll saw can only cut the material it is designed to cut.

Variable Speed Scroll Saws

On the other hand, variable speed scroll saws offers the worker full control of speed just by the flick of a speed trigger button. This type of scroll saw can help you work faster from one material to the next – since you can adjust the speed of the saw with the hardness of the material.

Traditional Scroll Saws vs Modern Scroll Saws

Traditional mechanical scroll saws have been around since the 1860s. Traditionally, the mechanical scroll saw has been mainly used to craft of traditional scrollwork–which is how it got its name. Scroll work in this era are complicated sculptural ornaments that sport scroll head designs.

Today, to accommodate for an even wider range of scrolls saw projects, there are over 50 different models of modern scroll saws available in the consumer market–each offering different spec variations such as throat capacity and variable-speed setting, among others.

Scroll saws are very flexible in terms of price range; chances are you can find affordable models for as cheap as $100 and more expensive models that are somewhere around the $2000 price category.

Scroll Saw vs Jigsaw vs Band Saw

Scroll saws, jigsaws, and brand saws are often confused with each other mainly because these three workshop types instruments serve closely related functions such cutting and crafting patterns out of materials. Nevertheless, scroll saws, jigsaws, and band saws are three very different cutting implements–and each offers its own compelling reasons as to why it deserves a own place in your workshop.

A scroll saw, as previously discussed is typically a small stationary machine that is specifically engineered to cut and craft, in clean-precise fashion, ornate, elaborate, and intricate designs out of relatively thin materials–usually under 2 inches in thickness.

A jigsaw or saber saw , on the other hand, is generally a less specialized more versatile, jack of all trades kind of cutting instrument. As opposed to the scroll saw being a stationary machine, a jigsaw is a handheld power tool that is equipped with a narrow straight blade. Jigsaws are typically used for making plunged cuts and crude freehand cuts out materials such as wood and light metal.

Lastly, a band saw, much like a scroll saw, is a stationary machine that allows its user to cut and carved cured pieces out of materials like wood. Vertically adjustable, a band saw is more of an all around workhorse when compared to the scroll saw. A band saw is built to cut through generally thicker materials. And although there are very limited situations where the band saw can compete with the scroll saw’s ability to craft complicated and elaborate cuts, the band saw more than makes up for this in terms of its ability to generate raw power and speed.

What do you use a scroll saw for?

So what do you use a scroll saw for? Scroll saws are very popular among intarsia, fretwork artisans, and woodworkers because of its ability to make very precise cuts even in extremely tight corners–such precision is simply unachievable with any other woodworking implement.

Additionally, for enterprising woodworkers, scroll saws make for a convenient way to mechanize primary cutting procedures without putting out a huge investment both in terms of money and workspace.

Among the most popular modern applications of scroll saws include

  • Crafting curves
  • Crafting dovetail joints
  • Crafting intricate designs
  • Cutting in tight spots
  • Cutting at an angle
  • Pierce cuttings

How to Use a Scroll Saw

  1. Take the necessary safety precautions.

Before you turn the scroll saw on, make sure that you are properly wearing your protective glasses and dust mask. If necessary, you might want to consider tying your hair or wearing a hat to hold your hair back. If you are wearing sleeved clothing, make sure that you pull it back so your sleeve are nowhere near the blade.

  1. Prepare the materials that you will be working with.

Roughly cut the wood or whatever material you will be working with into the proper size. Sand the wood clear of any rough edges. Draw guidelines of the pattern want to craft out of your material. Make sure that the guidelines are visible enough.

  1. Prepare the scroll saw for cutting.

Clamp your scroll saw on your workbench. Choose the proper blade according to the pattern you wish to cut. If you’re working with thinner materials, you would likely need a blade with smaller teeth; thicker materials would require a blade with bigger teeth.

Install the blade onto the scroll saw–making sure it fits properly and securely.

A good number of scroll saw models have a light and dust blower mechanism–make sure these too are turned on to. Before cutting your material, you might want to test the saw on an extra piece of wood to make sure that you have chosen the correct blade and that the scroll saw is working correctly.

  1. Start cutting away.

Set the speed of your scroll saw if you’re using one with a variable speed setting. A good rule of thumb to remember is that that thick woods and hardwoods generally require higher speeds while softer woods such as maple and poplar and other thinner-softer materials require much slower speeds.

Use both of your hands to control and guide the material along the blade of the scroll saw. Take as much time as you feel you need in completing the cutting process. Rush cutting makes you prone to making mistakes. This is dangerous as much as it is wasteful as you could easily hurt your hands and cut out a crooked pattern out of your material.

  1. Finish up the pattern.

After successfully crafting your desired pattern out of your material, make sure that you turn off your scroll saw. While the scroll saw typically provide smooth cuts, you might still want to sand down any rough edges by hand using fine-grit sandpaper.


A scroll saw is a wonderful handy tool to help you create masterpieces from your workshop. It can cut exquisite designs into many different materials. What’s more impressive is its smooth, precise cuts that help you get the best outputs from your sketched works.

When it comes to scroll saws, you can buy low-cost models for general hobbyist projects or invest in higher-end saws for pro-grade works. Get a scroll saw and soon you’ll create magic in any woodworking, metal, plastic and glass projects.

To know more about scroll saws, visit Saws Expert. Saws Expert guides you through the scroll sawing process with everything from product reviews to how-to guides. Here we can help you find the best saw for your needs. So you can create fine and attractive work pieces of high standards.

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