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The Buying Guide To The Best Scroll Saw

There are some tools that are invaluable to woodworkers and metalworkers, no matter how long you’ve been enjoying the hobby for or what types of things you like to create.

One of the most popular tools is the scroll saw, known for its unique ability to create intricate cuts and make stunning designs, but figuring out what is the best scroll saw to buy can be a challenge in itself.

With so many things to consider, like which is the best scroll saw for beginners or which one is powerful enough to work with a range of materials, this is not a shopping trip to take lightly. For that reason, we’ve created this invaluable buyer’s guide that can help you sort through the best scroll saw reviews and summaries to make it pain-free and simple to shop for.

Man using a scroll saw.

We’ve done the hard work for you and gone through countless of reviews to find you our top picks for this invaluable device. We can also show you what features are a must have when choosing this power tool and how to find one that perfectly meets your needs, whether it’s for commercial use or for home DIY jobs.

When you’re working with the best scroll saw for the job and to suit your needs, you’ll find that it can save you time and energy no matter what project you’re completing. Here’s the essential buyer’s guide to scroll saws and how you can make sure you walk away with the best on the market.

The scroll saw is a versatile piece of machinery and one that’s popular with those in the world of woodworking. However, it doesn’t stop there in terms of functionality as it can work with plastic and metal, too.

With so many different styles out there to suit different projects, we’ve separated into the more premium saws under $500 and those that are a little cheaper under $250, so you can shop to your budget.

Best Scroll Saw Under $500

These are some of the more expensive scroll saws you can buy, but they do offer a lot in quality and features. If you have the money to spend and know exactly what you need from a scroll saw, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

Winner: DeWalt 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

When you think of the absolute best in power tools, there’s no doubt that DeWalt is a name that springs to mind. The DeWalt 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw is our number one choice for a device that can do it all, and although it has a higher price tag then the rest it certainly proves why with all of its features and craftsmanship.

The DeWalt Scroll Saw has the unique benefit of being virtually free from vibration and noise, with many reviewers likening it to using a high-quality sewing machine. It achieves this with a dual parallel-link arm that means no shaking while you operate it, giving you even more delicate cuts than you’ve ever experienced with a scroll saw.

DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

source: dewalt.com

This scroll saw is packed full of every feature you could imagine that makes it a breeze to operate, and that’s just another reason why it deserves to be our number one pick. There is a handy on/off button, tool-free blade clamps, and flexible dust blower, just to name a few, all working together to make this powerful, efficient and smooth for every type of project.

The only real complaint that customers seem to have is about the dust blower, with a few of them mentioning that it’s not as capable of blowing the dust away when you’re working at low speeds.

Although this is quite minor in the grand scheme of things, some might like to invest in a separate dust blower if you think it’s going to cause you a problem or will be working at low speeds during a lot of your projects.

Although you could use this for just about anything, many people have found it to be the best scroll saw for crafts and woodworking projects. You won’t be able to perform as intricate of a cut as you can with the DeWalt Scroll Saw, so it’s the perfect addition to your workshop if these types of cuts are important to you.

Runner-Up: Delta 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Another famed American brand known for making some of the best power tools around, Delta hasn’t disappointed with their 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw. This one costs a little less than the DeWalt but has plenty of great features too, so it’s another great option if you’re looking to spend a bit more.

One slight issue is that the standard model comes without a light and stand so you’ll need to upgrade if you need these in your workshop. When you add on this bundle it actually brings the cost up a little more, so it might not seem like the best scroll saw for the money after all. However, there are still plenty of great features and quality craftsmanship to discuss.

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

source: deltamachinery.com

The electronic variable speed of this saw can be adjusted from 400 – 1,750 SPM so you’re capable of working with a range of materials, provided you get the right blades. Another added bonus is the tool-free blade clamp so that when it does come time to change blades, there’s no need for any tricky maneuvering or tools in order to do so.

This is another scroll saw that uses the innovative dual parallel-link arm which means you’ll feel virtually no vibration at all as you cut, and the operation will be whisper quiet. When you’re trying to perform the intricate cuts that scroll saws are known for, this is one feature that should stand out as extremely important.

Delta has been in the woodworking business for over 90 years so they know exactly what woodworkers need from their tools. With all of the features that this scroll saw has to offer and how well it’s been made, it’s certainly well worth it to spend a little more and get yourself something of this caliber to add to your workshop.

Best Scroll Saw Under $200

Whether you’re just starting out using a scroll saw or don’t have a lot of money to work with, there’s no need to settle for something inferior. Here are our top finds for the best scroll saw under $250 to suit all kinds of projects and users.

Winner: Shop Fox 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

When you’re looking to buy the best scroll saw the first thing you’re likely to do is to look at recommendations. Learning that the Shop Fox 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw was chosen as the number one scroll saw by Amazon customers, this is a pretty good indication of how good it’s going to be.

Coming into the category of the more affordable styles of scroll saws, this amazing device from Shop Fox has everything you need to complete your workshop, regardless of the types of projects you do. With a 16-inch cutting diameter, it gives you just enough space to get the basic jobs done but has all of the features you’d usually see on something more expensive.

The Shop Fox Scroll Saw includes a work light, dust port, and dust blower so that you can operate safely and efficiently, with all of these features already included in the low price. This saw is powered by a 1/8HP, 1.2Amps, 110-volt motor so it’s got more than enough strength for what you need, and all at such a low price compared to others offering the same.

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

source: topreveal.com

One small issue with the Shop Fox Scroll Saw is that it’s really only suitable for thinner woods and plastics, otherwise you might have some issues cutting through.

As many woodworkers use these types of materials anyway it shouldn’t be an issue, but don’t purchase it assuming you can use it in a commercial metalworking shop or anything similar, as it just isn’t built for that kind of pressure.

Shop Fox has proven yet again that they’re a trusted name in power saws, and their 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw is the best choice for anyone shopping on a budget. This saw ticks all of the boxes for what a woodworker needs and with thousands of happy customers agreeing that it’s one of the best, you really can’t go wrong.

Runner-Up: Dremel Moto-Saw Kit

For a scroll saw with a difference, you might want to consider looking at the Dremel Moto-Saw Scroll Saw Kit. This is a complete kit that comes with the Moto-Saw Scroll Saw and also all of the blades you need to work effectively with plastic, wood, and metals, so it’s certainly versatile when you consider the low cost.

One problem is there is no miter gauge included so you will need to purchase it separately, and although it can be an inconvenience it really has no impact on how well the saw itself works.

Dremel has included blades in this kit so that you’re able to cut through plastic, metal, and wood, however judging by some of the online reviews you might want to replace these blades as they’re a little flimsy.

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit

source: dremel.com

When you factor in the cost to do this and purchase a miter gauge, it might seem that the Dremel wasn’t as affordable as you first thought, but it’s still definitely a bargain buy.

The best thing about this scroll saw is how it can adapt to your needs, and it’s all thanks to the detachable coping function. This allows you to remove it completely and use it as a standalone saw so it’s perfect for any jobs you might have around the house that require a little more power than usual.

Dremel is known for making some of the greatest and most affordable power tools on the market, and this versatile scroll saw is certainly one of their greatest yet. The Dremel Moto-Saw Scroll Saw can do so much more than you might initially think, provided you’re willing to spend a little extra equipping it with the right parts and accessories.

Second Runner-Up: Wen 16-Inch Scroll Saw

Many woodworkers and metalworkers will know of the Wen name, and their range of saws has always been innovative and affordable. The Wen 16-Inch Scroll Saw is certainly unique in that it allows the operator the flexibility to move their piece forward and backward, giving you even greater control over the intricacy of your designs.

Some users of this scroll saw have mentioned how slow the cut is, so this isn’t a device to use when you’re in a rush. Because of the low price, you can expect a little more vibration than what you’d get with the premium brands so you need to be sure you clamp it down to minimize this, but otherwise, it’s a solidly built machine.

WEN 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Flexible LED Light

source: wenproducts.com

This saw is particularly good for woodworking so it would suit someone who enjoys this as a hobby or in a commercial setting. With the ability to move more ways than before you can get in closer to your cuts and make intricate designs, so it’s especially good for those pieces you’re working on that require minute details.

There are plenty of great features included in the Wen 16-Inch Scroll Saw like dust port, foot lock clamp, three blades, air pump, and a cast iron base. When you consider all of these are included in the already low price it seems like even greater value for money, so there’s no need to spend another cent just to get it working.

Amazon has chosen this as one of their top scroll saw picks so if you’re looking to shop on a budget then you can take their recommendation as a good one. With so many features jammed into such a compact device, you’ll be amazed at just how much you can achieve with a Wen 16-Inch Two Direction Scroll Saw in your workshop.

The Features To Look For In A Quality Scroll Saw

Regardless of the brand or style of scroll saw you choose, you need an understanding of the common features that scroll saws offer and what they mean to the final product.

Before choosing your scroll saw, you should have an idea of where you want to use the device, what types of projects you’ll be creating, and what your skill level is as a saw operator. Here are some of the features you can expect to find on a scroll saw and what they’ll mean for your device.

Depth Of Cut

All scroll saws are categorized by the depth of cut they can achieve, with the most common sizes being between 20-inch and 16-inch. The 20-inch will obviously allow you to work with larger pieces but it isn’t always an indication of quality, as there are many 16-inch and smaller scroll saws that are of far greater value.

Type Of Blade

A scroll saw will indicate what type of blades it works with, and there are quite a few styles to choose from. Skip tooth, double skip tooth, crown blade, spiral blades, and metal cutting blades are just a few variations and each of them with their own unique purpose.

Scroll saw blades.

Within each of these styles, the blades also come in varying weights with some being so small that they are about the same thickness as a strand of hair.

Thickness Of Blade

Each scroll saw is made with unique settings for the size and type of blade it can use. When you’re working with different materials like wood, metal, and plastic, you’ll need to have the right blade for the job. The blades will depend on what’s compatible with your saw, so check to see the blade requirements before making your final purchase.

Blade Replacement

If you’re looking for the best beginner scroll saw then this might be a feature that’s important to you. Each style of comes with its own level of ease for changing blades, with some featuring specialized systems that allow for easy replacement and others requiring manual changing.

Those skilled at scroll saws might not have an issue replacing blades, but it can save a lot of money and time if you get a device that makes it easier.

Weight And Size

Depending on where you plan on using your scroll saw the weight and size of it can be an issue. There are some that sit on your bench which requires you to clamp them in and others that come with their own bench attached, each varying quite significantly in size.

Some are more compact for workshops with limited space and others are bulky and heavy duty, so it depends on how much room you’re working with.


There are many scroll saws today that feature a foot pedal for their operation. This can liken them to a sewing machine and make them incredibly safe and easy to operate. These styles are ideal for beginners or those who want to free up their hands more while they work.

Maintenance Requirements

You’ll need to know how much time and effort you’re willing to put into caring for your scroll saw, as this will be a deciding factor in the model you purchase. They will all require regular maintenance like having their blades changed, but some might be even more intricate so you should be prepared to care for them in order to keep their longevity.

Warranty And Spare Parts

The manufacturer of the scroll saw will be a huge indication of how easy it is to replace spare parts should anything go wrong, and the type of warranty you can expect. For power tools like this, it’s best to look for something with at least two years limited warranty on the device, with some even being protected for five years and beyond.

Spending this much on one piece of equipment means you need to get your money’s worth, so factor in the warranty and how long you’re covered for when looking at cost.

Every Workshop’s Favorite Device

It doesn’t matter how you like to use your scroll saw, there’s really no limit to what you achieve when you choose the right one. After going through every best scroll saw review and weighing up which ones are the best value for money, it’s clear there are some winners out there when compared to the rest.

Using a scroll saw.

Scroll saws are so versatile in everything they can achieve, and they can create intricate designs and minute details like no other power saw can. Whether you’re an amateur woodworker or someone who operates a scroll saw on a commercial basis, this will always be your go-to device when you’re looking to get the job done right.

Power tools and saws like the ones featured in this buying guide seem to only get better as the years progress, with prices coming down and down all of the time. No matter your budget, there seems to be a quality scroll saw available to suit, without having to give away too much on its quality or included extras.

The scroll saw has such a wide range of capabilities but where it really stands out is its ability to make delicate cuts, so if you’re someone who uses a lot of these in the projects you do then there really is no better choice. Couple any of these saws with the best scroll saw blades and you’ll be amazed at just how much you can create and the level of detail you can do it with.

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The Beginner’s Guide To The Scroll Saw

If there’s one power tool that’s the easiest to use and has the most specialized use for cutting wood, it’s undoubtedly the scroll saw. Although referred to as a specialty saw, these power devices are actually quite versatile in what they can achieve, but with the added bonus of being able to create intricate cuts and delicate designs.

Scroll saws have been a popular tool of choice for centuries, with some believing that the very first variation was around the 1500s.

Although these tools likely look nothing like the powerful devices we know today, the same basic logic is applied to how they work and what they’re capable of. For many woodworkers and metalworkers, there’s no better tool to use on their projects than the scroll saw.

Scroll saw.

So, what is it that makes these tools so unique and why are they favored by so many? We’re going to take a look at some of the most popular uses for scroll saws and just how versatile they can be. Not only are they great for basic woodworking projects but a whole range of DIY and home uses, too, so they’re certainly a worthy investment.

Just like any power tool, though, owning a scroll saw comes with a set of responsibilities. Although they are famously easy to use and one of the safest types of power saws around, a user should still be careful to operate it correctly and give it the ongoing maintenance it needs.

With a quality scroll saw that’s been well looked after in your workshop, you’ll be rewarded with years of service and versatility from this one magnificent power tool

What Is A Scroll Saw?

There are so many different types and styles of saws around, and just figuring out which one is which and what their best uses are can be a headache. The scroll saw is a fairly simple style of saw that’s mainly used by woodworkers, as its number one benefit is how it can get into small, tight spaces and carve intricate patterns and designs.

Scroll saws are quite small when compared to other saws, and they are operated either electrically or with a pedal. These saws are capable of making finer cuts thanks to their blade, which can be so small that they’re about the same width of a strand of hair.

For this reason, there really is no comparison if you’re looking for something to make intricate cuts and do elaborate designs.

A scroll saw works by using a pivoting table that the operator can move as they wish, with the blade staying in the same position. They were originally designed to carve scrollwork and other delicate ornaments, so they have quite a long history in these types of projects.

Scroll saw cutting wood.

By using a reciprocating blade, the scroll saw works in an up and down motion which enables it to achieve these fine cuts. One of the huge advantages these saws have is that you’re able to remove the blade and then place it through a pre-drilled hole, so you can saw from the inside of a piece of wood as well as the out, all without an entry slot.

Although you are able to get scroll saws that work with all kinds of materials like plastic and metal, the most popular format is wood. Any good woodworker will have a scroll saw in their workshop, and for many of them, it’s the only tool they rely on as it’s capable of doing so much.

Some might find the initial cost of investing a scroll saw expensive, but with a quality one that lasts years, they really are one of the only things you’ll ever need.

The Best Uses For A Scroll Saw

If you’ve never used a scroll saw before you might be surprised to learn just how versatile they are, even though they’re considered by many to be a specialty saw.

Scroll saws can be used just about anywhere you need either commercially or domestically, depending on the size of the saw and the project you’re working on. Here are the most common ways that people put their scroll saws to good use.

Arts And Crafts

If you’re someone who loves to create with your own two hands rather than waste money on poorly made home décor or gifts for people, a scroll saw is a good choice. You can make scalloped mirrors, wooden nativity scenes, door hangers, name plaques, and more with the intricate blades of the scroll saw.

Some might even like to start their own home business making arts and crafts when they see how easy it is to create something beautiful.


For many owners of scroll saws, they have one purely to satisfy a hobby. There are so many woodworkers out there, both amateur and professional, and all of them undoubtedly have a scroll saw in their workshop.

Using your scroll saw.

You can make furniture for the home and office, create garden pieces, and renovate some of your existing household items into something unique and intricate with a scroll saw.

DIY Work

As an added bonus to getting creative, many homeowners find that their scroll saw is the perfect tool for those odd jobs around the house. You can cut PVC pipe, create joints and curves, and fix anything that’s broken with a scroll saw. Just be sure you're using the right style of blade for the job otherwise you can do serious damage to the saw itself.

People love the scroll saw because it’s so simple to use and when compared to other styles is considered one of the safest. This means it’s ideal for beginners to woodworking and loved by those with years of experience, so either way, a quality scroll saw is going to be a worthwhile investment.

The Difference Between A Scroll Saw, Jig Saw, And Band Saw

Even those with years of experience operating a scroll saw might still find themselves confused when comparing them to other saws. If you’ve never bought a saw before you might be especially confused about how they differ and which ones are best for which projects, so we’ve done a quick comparison of the scroll saw next to the jigsaw and band saw.


This is all dependent on the brand that you choose and whether you might consider refurbished or second-hand models. A good scroll saw is relatively cheap when compared to the other types with most beginners being able to get a good quality one for around $200 or less.


The jigsaw is used to bring the tool to the work, however, a scroll saw must stay in one position. There are some products that allow you to remove the saw from the base but this effectively changes the type of saw it is. A scroll saw is a hybrid of both band saws and jigsaws so you get the best of both worlds.

Ease Of Use

The clear winner for the easiest saw is the scroll saw, and it’s also considered the safest of the three. Because they are operated with a pedal it’s easy to keep your hands clear when you need to, and there is no danger of losing control and hurting yourself like you’d find with a jigsaw.


There’s no doubt that the band saw is considered the most versatile of all the saws, and would best suit someone looking for an all-rounder to use at home. You can get benchtop band saws that are small and portable so you can carry them around to the different jobs you’re doing.

The scroll saw is best suited for intricate designs like arts and crafts, hobbies, and DIY jobs around the house, where the jigsaw is great for larger cuts.

Scroll saw craft.

In an ideal world, every workshop would just have one of each saw and be able to enjoy them as they needed. For most people, though, their budget is restricted and so is the space in their workshop, so choosing one is important. If you use your saw for intricate cuts, woodworking, and arts and crafts, there’s no denying that the scroll saw is a clear winner.

What Types Of Blades Does A Scroll Saw Use?

Many manufacturers of scroll saws will include some blades in with the saw packaging, but if you’ve never shopped for blades before it can be a challenging topic.

If you ask a sample group of scroll saw owners what their preferred blades are it’s likely you’d get a different answer from each of them, so it can be a personal decision. Here are some of the common styles of blade and what they’re best for:

Reverse Tooth

These are the most common style of blade, featuring ¾ of the blade with teeth facing one way to cut from the top and the other ¼ facing the opposite direction and pointing upwards. The main benefit is less sanding when you’re done, which can save a whole lot of time and energy.

Skip Tooth And Double Skip Tooth

Just as the name implies, a skip tooth blade is missing a tooth on every second one. These can reduce the wood burning but also create a more aggressive cut. A double skip tooth blade is even more aggressive which makes it easier to manage for beginner woodworkers.


These blades are when every tooth faces down rather than some pointing in different directions.

Depending on what you’re making, there’s likely to be a blade that best suits the project. If you’re completely new to woodworking or using a scroll saw you might even like to test the blades out on some scrap wood, then you’ll get an idea of where it’s going to be most beneficial.

How Deep Does A Scroll Saw Cut And Why Size Matters?

If you’re wondering just how far your scroll saw can cut, it’s best to look at the manufacturer’s guidelines. Scroll saws are categorized by the size of their throat which is how far it measures from the blade to the rear frame.

If you’re after something that only needs to work with thin and small pieces of wood, you’re able to get them as small as 12 inches on the throat. Those scroll saws used in commercial settings are far more heavy duty and will measure up to 30 inches.

An average scroll saw is around 16 – 20 inches, but it all depends on the projects you work with and what type of wood you’re cutting.

Another important thing to factor in with the size is the depth capacity, as this will also need to be considered depending on the material you’re working with. Depending on the model, a scroll saw should be able to cut from 1-3/4 inches and 2-1/4 inches.

The Right Scroll Saw Speeds

In order to choose the right scroll saw, you also need to understand how the speed can affect the cut. With such a huge variance across all of the models, it’s quite difficult to give a general number of what they can achieve, so it’s best to look at what each speed is capable of.

18" variable speed scroll saw.

The slowest saws run at about 400 strokes per minute (SPM) with the fastest going to 1,800 SPM and above. A variable speed is capable of shifting through the different speeds depending on what you need and is generally recommended.


A slow scroll saw is best used for very thin materials or those that are easily broken or damaged. Things like veneers, soft plastics, and walnut are a few types which need a slower speed.


A medium speed scroll saw is the most commonly used and is ideal for average thickness types of wood or non-ferrous materials.


When working with something tougher it’s best to use fast speeds on your scroll saw. These can include leather and most styles of wood.

Top Makers Of Scroll Saws

There are so many different brands today that make power tools and scroll saws in particular, but if you ask the serious woodworkers they’ll know who the best is. Here are some of the most respected and reputed scroll saw manufacturers and what each of them can bring to the table.


If you look at the workshop or shed of any American, chances are you’ll find a DeWalt tool there. DeWalt scroll saws are generally more expensive, but that’s because they’re built to high standards and the preferred choice of serious woodworkers and metalworkers.


Wen is one of the more budget-friendly makers of power tools and they’re great choices for people looking for an entry level saw. Wen scroll saws are quite basic when compared to others but they’re affordable and easy to use, making them perfect for beginners.


Delta Machinery has one focus and that’s to create the best tools for woodworking. Delta scroll saws have been made with the expert knowledge that this company has, packed full of the features that are crucial to woodworking and with everything that makes for an easier and smoother operation every time.

Shop Fox

This American brand has a long history of woodworking which makes them a great choice for your next saw. Shop fox scroll saws are made with care and all the necessary features but at a fraction of the cost of what you’d expect to pay for some so well made.


Dremel is another American brand famous for its rotary tools, and the Dremel scroll saw range is seriously impressive. This brand is well within the budget of most woodworkers so they’re perfect if you’re looking to get started with this popular hobby.

How To Replace The Blades Of You Scroll Saw

Each saw is different and will have a unique way to replace blades. However, you should always do so wearing safety equipment and following the instructions at all times.

You’ll need to loosen the screws just enough so that the blade comes loose and then pull it up and towards you to remove, with others styles requiring you to move the blade back and forward to remove it.

When putting the new blade in, you’ll again need to refer to the specific instructions that came with the saw.

Generally, you need to place the blade in with the teeth down and insert it the opposite way that you removed the old blade.

Tighten the screws back up and test out the blade before commencing on any projects.

Changing the blade on a Shop Fox scroll saw.

Some Tips For Your Scroll Saw

Every year, hospitals and emergency rooms see a lot of injuries due to the use of power saws, with miter saws being the single most dangerous of them all.

On this list, the scroll saw doesn’t even feature, which speaks volumes to how safe it is when compared to the rest. Scroll saw safety has a lot to do with ongoing maintenance and correct usage, so here are a few tips you can use.

Some people might like to purchase a magnifying glass that can be attached to the saw so you’re able to see your work more clearly. This is especially helpful for those very intricate cuts using a fine blade.

To test the tension of your blade you can pluck it as you would with a guitar string. If it makes a sound like a nice, clear ping then it’s the correct tension. If not you’ll need to adjust the screws accordingly.

If your scroll saw doesn’t come with a light attached you can easily mount one to it. Look for a gooseneck light that can be moved and adjusted as you need so that it’s never in the way of your work.

The teeth of a scroll saw can sometimes turn 180 degrees especially after tensioning. Every now and then it’s best to run your thumb up and down the blade to feel the teeth and see if any are pointing in the wrong direction.

The blades of a scroll saw won’t last as long as you might think, with about 30 minutes of heavy usage all they can take before they should be replaced. When purchasing a saw, it’s best to get yourself a lot of backup blades so they can be ready to get when you’re working on longer projects.

You should never attempt to cut wet wood with your scroll saw, so if necessary you have to air out wood first to ensure it’s dry. Wet wood is a lot harder to cut and it will easily wear out your blades and saw without you even noticing, so don’t attempt it.

Don’t use worn sandpaper on any of the cuts you’ve made otherwise it can ruin their effect. Only work with coarse and new sandpaper to ensure a smooth finish.

A Versatile Addition To Any Workshop

Ask any woodworker around and they’ll undoubtedly tell you that the scroll saw is their all-time favorite tool. Although considered a specialty saw, there’s actually quite a lot these amazing devices can do, and if you’ve never owned one before they couldn’t be easier to operate.

Using a scroll saw.

If you’ve never invested in a scroll saw before or are simply looking to upgrade, there’s quite a lot to consider before you make the big purchase. We’ve compiled a thorough buying guide that can help point you in the direction of the market’s top picks and what features you shouldn’t be without when choosing this important accessory.

Scroll saws were designed with such simple beginnings but have gradually become the woodworker’s number one tool. No other saw can create such intricate designs and lines as the scroll saw, so if you’re looking for versatility and specialty all rolled into one, you can’t go wrong with the scroll saw.

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Dremel MS20-01 Scroll Moto-Saw Review

Shopping for a power tool can be tricky business, especially if you have no idea what you’re looking for. Scroll saws are one of those power tools that come with a whole range of things to consider before purchasing, and if you’re completely new to saw shopping you’ll find yourself feeling overwhelmed and confused.

If you’re trying to find a beginner scroll saw, you really have no idea what features are important. If you want to be able to use your saw for more than just woodworking, you need to be extra careful with the type of saw you purchase.

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit

source: dremel.com

Dremel has made a versatile saw that serves firstly as a woodworking scroll saw and secondly as so much else. These saws are ideal for the beginner woodworker or someone looking for a power saw that will help them with jobs around the house.

This is a simple and affordable scroll saw and will find hours of use in the average workshop or for the home DIY fan who uses power tools for help. The Dremel Moto-Saw is compact, quiet, and perfect for those without experience, so don’t pass it over just because of its incredibly low price compared to others.

About The Product

Dremel is an American manufacturer of power tools, with most of their products being made for metalworking and woodworking. They try to keep their products affordable and simple which makes them appealing to all types of customers, and the perfect choice for someone who has little experience shopping for saws.

The Dremel Compact Moto-Saw Kit is different from other scroll saws as it has more than one function. This kit comes with different blades so that can cut through wood, metal, and plastic, making it a great choice for those odd jobs around the house. It has all of the features you’d expect in a more powerful tool and more, including:

  • Detachable coping function allows for handheld use as well;
  • Variable speed control for all kinds of materials;
  • Clamp base to attach to tables, benches, and surfaces;
  • Auto tension quick change function to change accessories;
  • Dust port adaptor to keep your workshop clean;

This would be a great choice of saw for the beginner woodworker, but also for someone who wants to get just one power tool that has a myriad of uses. The Dremel Compact Moto-Saw Kit is easy to use and at such an affordable price, so it’s the perfect entry-level tool if you’re looking at getting into woodworking.

What To Expect From The Dremel Moto-Saw

The biggest advantage that this saw has over others is its versatility, and it’s all due to the coping function which allows you to remove it and use it however you wish. This means you can use it all around the home and on just about any material, so you’re not limited to the jobs you can do like you might be with other saws.

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit

source: dremel.com

Although this is definitely one of the cheaper options out there, the Dremel Moto-Saw is actually missing one key part. You’ll need to order the miter gauge separately for this device, so it can be an annoyance and an extra cost to do so. Once you add the price of the miter gauge to it, it’s still quite affordable but can be troublesome waiting for the extra part just to enjoy it.

The complete kit from Dremel comes with blades for plastic, wood, and metal, however, some of the reviews have mentioned that they aren’t the best quality. The metal blade, in particular, has broken for some users so it might be best to upgrade these to something a little sturdier if you’re planning on using it for metal.

How To Buy The Dremel Moto-Saw

If you’re ready to invest in a serious power saw that can do so much more than you’d expect, head to Amazon for the cheapest price on the Dremel Moto-Saw. Currently, you can get the entire kit for around $80 and that includes free shipping direct to your door.

Members of Amazon Prime will be able to receive theirs in just 48 hours thanks to the express shipping promotion, which means they can get started on their projects in no time at all.

As customers have found, you will need to get yourself a miter gauge for this device as it doesn’t come with one. Some sellers on Amazon might even be able to ship this together with the Dremel Moto-Saw to save you waiting any longer, so be sure to do this before you buy the saw.

If you also want to upgrade the blades you can do that with a combined postage deal, meaning all of your parts arrive together and ready to go.

Dremel offers an impressive two-year limited warranty on their Moto-Saw which means you’re covered from the very first day. To get even more cover you might want to invest in an Amazon Protection Plan for just over $5 which will give you four more years, making this a very worthwhile purchase indeed.

The Verdict

When you’re looking for more than just one function from your scroll saw, a product like the Dremel Moto-Saw can offer you exactly that. Not only is this ideal for woodworking projects, but it can be removed and used around the house on a range of materials so you’re truly getting value for your money.

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit

source: dremel.com

As one of the leading makers of power saws in America, it’s no wonder that there are so many happy customers who purchased and loved the Moto-Saw. To get yourself the scroll saw with a difference, click here to purchase the Dremel Moto-Saw for your workshop today.

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Shop Fox W1713 Scroll Saw Review

When you’re truly passionate about something in life you want to do everything you can to make sure you’re able to enjoy it. For many of us, that passion is woodworking, but unfortunately, this is a hobby that comes with quite a few tools and accessories that can add up over the course of our passion.

One of the most expensive parts of woodworking is the power tools needed, with a few different saws and accessories adding up to quite a phenomenal amount over the years.

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

source: topreveal.com

Rather than buying the cheapest option and risking a subpar device, the goal of the woodworker is to look for something affordable to most but without giving away too much in terms of features and quality.

This can be a tricky thing to achieve, as most power tools out there for woodworking are either expensive and top quality or cheap and flimsy, with not many in between. Shop Fox has designed a range of power tools that answer this exact problem, and their 16-inch Scroll Saw is the prime example of how they’ve achieved it.

This is a customer favorite in terms of scroll saws and a machine that’s been expertly designed to please woodworkers of all skill levels. The amazing power tool proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get a good power tool as it can achieve so much with a smaller price tag than you might expect.

About The Product

Shop Fox is one of this country’s leading manufacturers of products for the workshop, for both metal worker and woodworkers alike. Their range of products extends further than just power tools to include everything you need to make your home workshop feel like a professional setup, and all at a very affordable price.

The Shop Fox 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw would suit the commercial or home DIY workshop and at a cost well under what you’d expect to pay for something of this quality. When you invest in the Shop Fox 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw, you’ll get:

  • 1/8HP, 1.2amps, 110-volt, 60Hz motor;
  • 16-inch maximum cutting width;
  • Comes with a gooseneck work light, dust port, and dust blower;
  • Plain or pin blades;
  • No load speed offers 550 – 1700 SPM;

This is the perfect addition to any workshop, whether you’re just starting out and doing your own DIY woodworking around the home or have a more serious commercial setup. Shop Fox has been making affordable and quality products for woodworkers and metalworkers since the start of the century and they know how to do it well.

The Good And The Bad Of The Shop Fox Scroll Saw

There are quite a few benefits that this scroll saw has which makes it easy to operate, such as how simple it was to change blades and the lack of vibration it gives off. For something so cheap you might expect it to be poorly made, but that’s not the case at all with the Shop Fox Scroll Saw.

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

source: topreveal.com

For something of this low price you might expect a very basic device, however, the opposite is actually true. Looking at more expensive brands of scroll saws you’ll notice that the additional features cost more to get, but Shop Fox includes them all as part of the package.

The exhaust blower and gooseneck light are helpful additions to this saw but ones that they could have easily charged a lot more for, so it’s fantastic value for money.

One issue that a few customers mentioned was the absence of a user guide or manual with their saw. Although this won’t affect the saw itself it can have quite a huge impact on whether or not you can even use it, so you’ll have to spend some time hunting one down online if you do decide to purchase it.

Buying Your Shop Fox Scroll Saw

If you’re interested in purchasing this mid-level scroll saw for your workshop, you can head to Amazon for the best price currently available online.

Amazon customers have made this the number one selling scroll saw for woodworking, and that many people can’t be wrong. For around $160 you can get one for yourself, and that’s with a huge discount of $35 offered by the online marketplace.

Another impressive point to mention is that Shop Fox offers a two-year limited warranty on this scroll saw, adding even further to the value you’ll get for something that cost so little. If there are any defects of mechanical failures you can send it back for a refund or exchange, so there’s no need to worry about poor quality just because you didn’t break the bank to buy it.

When you buy the Shop Fox 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw on Amazon, you’ll also have the option to upgrade your warranty period. For around $20 you can get an extra four years of coverage thanks to the Protection Plans, adding even further value to this power tool.

The Verdict

There’s no denying that the Shop Fox 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw is one of the greatest for its price, proving that you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get the right tools for your workshop. If you love woodworking but don’t have a lot of money to get your tools and equipment, this should be on the top of your shopping list.

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

source: topreveal.com

Shop Fox has been creating affordable and powerful tools for years, so it’s no surprise that their scroll saw is considered a favorite amongst woodworkers. To get yourself the Shop Fox 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw and make your passion more enjoyable, click here to purchase.

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Delta 20-Inch Scroll Saw Review

Any woodworker knows the importance of having the right tools and accessories, and when you don’t have something working for you just right it can mean the difference between a finished job and something disastrous.

Shopping around for power tools can be especially tricky, even if you’re a seasoned expert, so the search for the right ones can take a lot longer than you’d like.

If you’re serious about woodworking and want the best tools in your workshop, you need to find your way through all of the inferior brands and only put your trust in those with the best names for themselves. Finding one of America’s most trusted names in power tools and putting your trust in them will mean you’re guaranteed a product that will serve you well.

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

source: deltamachinery.com

Delta is exactly one of those companies with a solid reputation of making some of the world’s best woodworking tools, and with the scroll saw being the most important investment you can make as a woodworker, it should be no surprise that their scroll saw is seriously impressive. With so many features on offer, this solidly built device can seemingly do no wrong.

Whether you’re completely new to woodworking or have been enjoying the hobby as long as you can remember, there are so many benefits to be had when you invest in the best from the start.

The Delta 20-Inch Scroll Saw is a favorite among woodworkers and with the trusted name of one of America’s leading power tool makers, you already know that you’re going to love it as well.

About The Product

Delta is one of the world’s longest-running power tool brands with a specific focus on making woodworking devices. With over 90 years of history in the woodworking business, it’s really no surprise that they continue to make products that tick all of the boxes for what we’re looking for and do it with quality materials and careful construction.

The Delta 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw is one of their most popular products and known by woodworkers as one of the best on the market. This mid-range speed scroll saw is usually purchased without a stand and light, however you do have the option to upgrade to one that has both attached, whichever suits your workshop more.

This is a quality scroll saw that would suit beginners to experts alike, and thanks to the super low vibration you’ll find yourself making cuts more intricate than ever before. This scroll saw comes equipped with such great features as:

  • Tool-free blade clamp for easy adjustments;
  • Dual parallel link arm to reduce vibration and noise;
  • Electronic variable speed from 400-1,750 SPM;
  • Upper arm capable of lifting and locking for blade changes;
  • Tilt table allows for easy adjustments as you work;

If you’ve looked at other more expensive brands and wanted one for yourself, the Delta Scroll Saw can offer everything they can but for a lower price. This scroll saw would be ideal for those just starting out in woodworking or a seasoned professional who considers it so much more than just a hobby.

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

source: deltamachinery.com

You’ll notice an instant difference in how well it performs if you’re only used to cheaper brands, and it can help you get some of the most intricate cuts you’ve ever had.

The Pros And Cons Of The Delta Scroll Saw

The key benefit to the Delta Scroll Saw is how smoothly it cuts, and it’s all thanks to the genius addition of the dual parallel-link arm. This means you reduce both noise and vibration so it’s whisper quiet and smooth, giving you the perfect setting to cut with ease and perfection.

One slight annoyance with this scroll saw is how it doesn’t come with a light and stand, and to upgrade to the model that does can cost almost $200 more. If you’re going to do this then there are other brands with just as good reviews that cost even cheaper than this, so it’s probably not the most worthwhile investment if you’re getting one with a light and stand.

Another bonus that this scroll offers is the pin which holds the arm up, making it easy to change blades and working with inside cuts. When compared to other saws on the market that don’t have this, just the simple addition of this feature can save you so much time over the space of a project so it’s really an invaluable feature.

How To Get Your Delta Scroll Saw

If you want to add the amazing Delta 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw to your workshop, you’ll find a great price for it online at Amazon. Amazon lists this unique scroll saw for just under $400 which is about $100 cheaper than you’ll pay for comparable brands.

For this price, they’ll also ship it to your house, and if you’re a member of Amazon Prime this means express shipping which will arrive in just two days from when you ordered.

Delta offers a seriously impressive warranty period on this scroll saw and all of their new pieces, with five years of coverage to brag about. In addition to that, you can purchase an Amazon Protection Plan for around $35 which adds another four years of coverage.

For the price you’ll pay on one of these power tools with eight years of warranty, you really shouldn’t be looking anywhere else.

Final Thoughts

The Delta 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw is the perfect addition to any workshop, sitting about mid-range in price but with all of the features and quality you’d expect from a much more expensive machine. This scroll saw can help you achieve intricate cuts with minimal work, so it’s every woodworker’s dream.

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

source: deltamachinery.com

Delta continues to prove that they know how to make a power tool and give the woodworking community exactly what they need, so you know you can put your trust in them to deliver. The Delta 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw is a smart buy for woodworkers of all skill levels, so click here to get yours today.

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The DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw Review

Building up your toolkit is one of the hardest things to do as a woodworker, as you’re constantly finding new and better supplies that can help you with your passion. When trying to choose a scroll saw, there’s nothing more important and you likely find that you want to upgrade to bigger and better things all the time.

When you’re looking for an absolute premium product and don’t mind spending a little more to get it, this is an investment that will pay off in the long run. Some might argue that it’s better to get yourself the best of the best when it comes to power tools, and that’s usually the justification that people rely on when spending more for a premium product.

DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

source: dewalt.com

The DeWalt Scroll Saw is one of these products, and although it comes at a premium price it also offers a whole lot more in features and quality. If you’re someone who would rather get themselves the very best and not have to upgrade their toolkit for years to come, this could be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Having a reliable and hardworking power tool like the DeWalt Variable-Speed Scroll Saw in your collection means you’re capable of so much more and will be able to work with the finesse that only the best woodworkers have. When you’ve got the money to spend, it makes sense to get something truly worthy of your toolkit, and that’s what this product hopes to deliver.

About The Product

There are few brands out there that have the status and reputation that DeWalt has, and anyone who is serious about woodworking will have at least one of their tools in their collection. DeWalt is an American brand known for making one of the largest collections of power tools and their pieces are respected by everyone from woodworkers to gardening enthusiasts.

The 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw has been expertly designed to give you the smoothest cut you’ve ever experienced, and it’s all thanks to the unique arm design that reduces vibration. In addition to this special benefit, this DeWalt Saw also comes with:

  • checkElectronic variable speed settings for all kinds of jobs;
  • checkPowerful 1.3amp motor which gives 400 spm to 1,750 spm;
  • checkEasy access to the controls on upper and front arms;
  • checkLow vibration means quiet operation;
  • checkWeighs 45lbs with oversized cast iron table;
  • checkVariable stroke length of ¾ inch to 2 inches deep;

DeWalt has taken the time to consider what’s important when you’re working with wood and delivered it in one simple package with their 20-Inch Scroll Saw. If you want only the best in your workshop and you’re happy to pay a little more to get it, you won’t be disappointed by this trusted American brand.


What To Expect From The DeWalt Scroll Saw

By far the biggest advantage that this saw has over others is how low the vibration is, with many happy customers likening it to a sewing machine in how it operated and felt. If you’ve worked with a cheaper brand before and found yourself unable to get accurate cuts due to the constant shaking of the machine, you’ll find it beneficial to upgrade to the DeWalt Scroll Saw.

There doesn’t seem to be too many disappointed customers with this scroll saw and the only real negative feedback is in regards to the dust blower.

Some people found that when operating the scroll saw on lower speeds there wasn’t enough power from the blower to get rid of dust, so if you’re finding this to be a problem you might want to add another to your workshop.

Another huge benefit this scroll saw has is the table, as it’s a lot larger and sturdier than you’ll find with other models.

This means you have adequate space to work with and enough room for just about any piece you’re making, so there’s no limit to what you can create.

DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

source: dewalt.com

Where To Buy The DeWalt Scroll Saw

When you’re done working with subpar power tools in your workshop and are ready to invest in something more serious, you’ll be happy to know that DeWalt Scroll Saw is available for a premium price through Amazon. Right now, you can grab this scroll saw for just under $500 which includes free shipping to your house.

While this amount might seem a little high to some, for others it’s just an indication of how well this tool works. To make things even more attractive, DeWalt offers a massive three-year limited warranty on the saw so if anything goes wrong in that time you’re covered.

When compared to other cheaper brands who give you 12 months at the most, this is a pretty good indication of where your money is going.

Another reason to shop through Amazon for this scroll saw is their Protection Plan bonus which gives you additional coverage. For the DeWalt Scroll Saw you’ll pay just under $45 for an additional four years of protection, so all up you’re getting seven years warranty on the one product.

In comparison to other power tools on the market, you’re getting far better value for money as this will last longer and perform better than the cheaper brands.

The Verdict

DeWalt has proven yet again why they’re considered one of America’s favorite power tool brands, and a name that only the most serious woodworkers rely on. Their 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw might come with a larger price tag but it’s well worth it in more ways than one.

DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

source: dewalt.com

If you’ve been searching for the best scroll saw to help you perfect your woodworking projects, there’s really no other make and model you can rely on. To get yourself the amazing quiet and smooth DeWalt Scroll Saw, click here to check it out.

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